Update: EA Clarifies Madden NFL 18 4K/HDR Support On PS4 Pro

Refresh: EA has reacted to our demand for illumination, and it shows up 4K determination will be prepared at dispatch, while HDR bolster is still open to question for the present. Here’s EA’s announcement:


“Irritate NFL 18 bolsters PS4 Pro at dispatch in both 4K and 1080p, with no refresh required. On the off chance that a game runs Madden NFL 18 of every 4K, they will see enhanced determination, on the off chance that they run the diversion in 1080p, they will see enhanced frame rate in specific zones of the introduction. Center gameplay will render at 60fps in any case. We have no declarations to make with respect to HDR bolster as of now.”

Unique Story: another report from US Gamer recommends that PS4 Pro proprietors should sit tight for a “future refresh” to take the full favorable position of their framework’s graphical capacities in Madden 18.Buy cheap Madden NFL 18 coins from gameusd.com. top up your MUT 18 coins at gameusd.com at the cheapest price and with the fastest delivery.

As per the report, US Gamer saw the absence of 4K and HDR bolster in an audit work of Madden 18, and contacted the diversion’s executive, Rex Dickson, for elucidation. Dickson told the outlet that the UHD support would be incorporated into a “future refresh,” yet didn’t state when that would be – i.e. in a very first-moment refresh or months not far off. EA has been touting the visual enhancements that the Frostbite motor will convey to its games establishments since the broad choice to change motors was uncovered a year ago.with thousands of satisfied customers, we can boast to be the best site where you can buy cheap Mut 18 coins and get delivered in no time.

We’ve contacted EA for lucidity on when the PlayStation 4 Pro fix will be accessible and will refresh the story if and when we get a reaction.

Incense NFL 18 dispatches on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One next Friday, August 25. Discover what new components you can anticipate from the gameplay by clicking here.

Big Nintendo Switch games update promises fans major boost over Wii U

The Nintendo Switch games list is set to receive a very big third-party boost this year, providing more variety on the fledgling hybrid console.

FIFA 18 coins gameusd.com

FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch will launch alongside versions on PS4, Xbox One and PC in September, even if won’t include all the same features. First of all, The Journey mode is not shipping on the handheld device, while the game itself will not be using the same Frostbite engine as the PS4 and Xbox One.But there’s one big difference to Switch FIFA 18 over the last game from the franchise to grace a Nintendo console.Buy FIFA 18 coins ps4 from gameusd.com.top up your FIFA 18 coins at gameusd.com at the cheapest price and with the fastest delivery.

That was back on the Nintendo Wii U, with the launch of FIFA 13 proving to be the last on the doomed gaming machine.It’s now been confirmed that like FIFA 13, FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch is set to run at 60fps.

And not only that, but it will also be able to run the game at 1080p docked, and 720p undocked. “With advanced rendering technology, FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch delivers an unparalleled experience,” a message from EA Sports reads.

“The product boasts a full 1080p on TV and 720p on a handheld, delivering authentic football atmospheres, no matter where you play.  “Experience brand-new pitch environments, unique physically based rendering for all characters, and new gameplay mechanics.”

While 60fps was available on the Wii U, the console rarely provided native 1080p for its games, even though many would have been built using a custom-built engine. with thousands of satisfied customers, we can boast to be the best site where you can buy FIFA 18 coins Xbox one and get deliver in no time.

And there are a few other benefits to FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch that make it one of the best portable versions of the game ever made. While the popular footy title won’t boast all the same features as PS4 and Xbox One, it does have a few of its own.

Nintendo FIFA 18 coins, gameusd.com

Not only can you pick it up and play it on the move, but you can also separate the Joy-Con controllers and enjoy multiplayer game modes with friends.

Other features include Local Seasons, which allows you to match-up with a friend, play a five-match season, and keep track of your overall win/loss record.  It should also be noted that Local Seasons are played across two Nintendo Switch consoles, allowing up to 4 players.

There’s also the fact that this will be the first FIFA game on a Nintendo console that will include FIFA Ultimate Team, another big factor to consider.FIFA 18 will arrive on Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC on September 29.

offline content for my team mode.


For those who wanted more offline content, we also thought of you. This year, a new Challenge mode is emerging: the Challenge Calendar. You will have to chain 30 games against each of the 30 teams in the NBA. Raise 900 unique challenges based on the NBA 2017-2018 season program to earn My TEAM points and other rewards. This mode will be available as soon as the game is released.
Domination (Legends)

But wait, that’s not all. We have even more offline content for all fanatics able to dominate any current and historic NBA team.
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You will be able to face 33 teams made up of the best players in the history of each franchise. Kobe, Shaq, Magic, Jerry, Kareem, Wilt … That’s a great team.

Auction House

We also improved the auction room this year. Your bids will appear online almost immediately and you can follow them in real time.
In addition, you can now specify the maximum amount you are willing to spend. We will continue to increase your offer so that you stay ahead until this amount is reached.
Another novelty of this year, you will be able to sell packs of 10 consumable items like shoes, insignia, and contracts. You will no longer need to put them online individually.
Objectives My TEAM
This year, you just have to play My TEAM to unlock rewards. Whether you want to explore the menus at the start of the game or overcome all game modes, the brand new My TEAM goals will guide you step by step throughout your TEAM experience. If ever you do not know what to do, check out your goals.
Collections Menu
Many cards have been added to the game this year, and we still have much more planned for later. To help you see more clearly, we decided to improve the collections menu. Now you can go directly to the collection of your choice without having to browse all the others. with thousands of satisfied customers, we can boast to be the best site where you can buy cheap cheap NBA 2K18 VC for sale and get deliver in no time. All you have to do is select the collection and then the team or collection icon and you will be there.

Dynamic Duets

Dynamic Duos come back with even more duos than last year. We’ve also added a quick reference to dynamic Duo cards that will allow you to quickly find a dynamic Duo partner. All you have to do is select one of the duo members and open the dynamic duo guide. As a bonus gift, the Legendary Gold edition will not only contain a Shaquille O’Neal Heat Ruby, but also a Dwyane Wade Ruby Heat that propels your Shaq to the Amethyst level when playing at the same time!

Other cool stuff

This year, you can replace the badges you assign to a card. You can now replace a custom badge with another as soon as you feel like it.
The shoes can now have a maximum of 5 attribute bonuses. We have added hundreds of new shoes and color combinations, each with a unique combination of bonuses.
We have updated the main menu so that you can see your progress in each mode in the same place. You will be able to see your next Domination opponent, your Challenge Chips and the start time of the next Super Max run of My TEAM on the same billboard in the main menu as soon as you access My TEAM.
… and still full of surprises to discover.
Those who have already played My TEAM know that the release day does not mark the end of the new content. As every year, this is just the beginning. Cheap NBA 2K18 MT Check our social networks regularly to keep you informed of the latest release dates of packs, specials, events, challenges and much more.
With all of its new features, new game modes and content, the NBA 2K18 TEAM mode looks to be the most complete of all. As the release date is getting closer, I have to go back and help the most talented and dedicated team of artists, producers, and developers to put the finishing touches to the best TEAM mode ever.

Madden 18 Ultimate Team Guide – Earn MUT Coins Fast, MUT Tips and Tricks, Best MUT Playbooks.

In this Madden 18 Ultimate Team direct, we’ll be going over all the basic strides you have to take keeping in mind the end goal to approach fabricating your optimal group, so you know which players to go for when you begin Madden 18’s Ultimate Team mode.

Should you require whatever else identifying with this cycle of Madden, make sure to make a beeline for our Madden 18 hints and traps guides center, containing data on the best hostile and cautious playbooks in the amusement, and additionally the best player in each position.Buy cheap Madden NFL 18 coins from gameusd.com. top up your cheap Mut 18 coins at gameusd.com at the cheapest price and with the fastest delivery.

MADDEN 18 Ultimate Team Guide

In the Madden 18 Ultimate Team manage beneath, you’ll discover MUT tips and traps to win coins as fast as conceivable with least exertion, and in addition directs on which playbooks you ought to in a perfect world be pursuing on the MUT showcase, to begin with, and other general data on acing Madden 18’s Ultimate Team mode.

Be that as it may, to begin with, in the event that you require a snappy rundown of substance for this Madden 18 Ultimate Team direct, at that point look no further:

Rankle 18 Ultimate Team Tips and Tricks

buy cheap NFL coins from gameusd.com

Right off the bat, one new expansion to Madden 18 Ultimate Team this year levels inside the mode. You acquire XP towards step up with each amusement that you win (regardless of if it’s against another player or in a performance test), and you likewise win XP in light of your in-diversion exhibitions, for instance, what a number of yards you surged or tossed for.

For each level that you pick up, you’ll be compensated with certain rewards. At times you’ll be given MUT coins, and every so often you’ll be permitted to buy a Level Master Pack for 250 MUT coins in the store. The substance of the Level Master Pack is never ensured, however, when we progressed from level 3 to 4, our Level Master Pack contained the base adaptation of LaDainian Tomlinson, alongside a collectible thing that can go towards updating the card.

Outside of this present, there’s likewise new points of interest to the Madden 18 Ultimate Team Chemistry area inside the ‘change lineup’ segment. On the off chance that you tap on the correct simple stick when in this segment of Madden 18 Ultimate Team, you’ll raise the run down demonstrated just underneath, where you can see the rewards you’ve earned for your MUT group, by having players from a similar group in your beginning lineup. This is an incredible approach to get some convenient detail supports for your Ultimate Team lineup ideal out of the door.with thousands of satisfied customers, we can boast to be the best site where you can buy cheap Mut 18 coins and get delivered in no time.

buy cheao NFL coins from gameusd.com

It may really be a smart thought to experiment with the fresh out of the box new Madden 18 Longshot mode before you dive recklessly into the Ultimate Team. This is on the grounds that you can gain Longshot cards for use in Ultimate Team through playing Longshot, all of which are better than the beginning players you’re given. You can see two Longshot cards earned simply above – Dan Marino and Chad Johnson – that are unmistakably the champion players in the group.

You’ll likewise be offered access to unique Longshot challenges in Ultimate Team, contingent upon how far you’ve endured the Longshot mode. For each demonstration of Longshot you finish (there are 3 altogether), you’ll have the capacity to get to a Longshot challenge in the ‘performance difficulties’ area of Ultimate Team, which can compensate you with MUT coins and players.

MADDEN 18 Ultimate Team How to Earn Coins Quickly

In spite of the fact that you acquire the previously mentioned Level Master Packs through playing Solo Challenges and step up, you can likewise gain coins through a similar Solo Challenges. Why might you need to organize winning coins over everything else? All things considered, coins are the way to accomplishment in Madden 18 Ultimate Team, as you can utilize them to not just offer and buy players on the MUT advertise, yet you can likewise buy select Ultimate Team card packs with coins, as should be obvious just beneath.

As exhausting as it might sound, your most logical option for procuring coins as you soon as you begin Ultimate Team is to just entire every one of the instructional exercises you’re given. In under 20 minutes, you can procure 3500+ coins through solo difficulties and instructional exercise targets, which is sufficient to purchase a Silver Player Pack, netting you 4 Silver or better player cards immediately.

Outside of this present, there’s a goals screen inside Ultimate Team, which you can see just beneath, that will remunerate you with coins for finishing certain assignments. There are four targets in the rundown beneath, which incorporate ‘win 2 amusements’ and ‘finished a set’ in the thing folio, and you can sack yourself 3,000 coins in the event that you finish the rundown before 5 am EST every day.

MADDEN18 Ultimate Team Get a Player Pack Coins Trick

Another incredible methodology for making MUT coins as fast as conceivable is through just acquiring the ‘Get a Player’ pack from the MUT Store.

Since Madden 18 has just as of late discharged, Silver, Gold, and Elite autos are offering in the bartering house for much more than they normally would. Thus, on the off chance that you buy a Get a Player pack for 500 coins, you’ll generally have the capacity to offer the Silver or above player card for no less than 800 coins on the MUT showcase, making you a fast, simple benefit of no less than 300 coins without fail.

You can reportedly do this however frequently you wish, as there isn’t a point of confinement on the measure of Getting a Player packs that you can buy in the MUT Store.

Step by step instructions to Earn Coins in Madden 18 Ultimate Team

Beneath, we are very brave tips and traps on the best way to both gain and clutch your Madden 18 Ultimate Team coins:

Purchase players on Saturday morning when everybody is normally tearing through packs and flooding the sale house, at that point offer these players amidst the week when they’re more costly.

As we said before, finishing Longshot enables you to go up against the Longshot solo difficulties, which can compensate you with the two coins and players.

Never purchase packs with coins – it’s constantly better to spare your coins for the best players that are in the closeout house.

Player checks drop hard around midnight/1am, and it’s here that you can, for the most part, locate some quality players going for less expensive than they ordinarily would do.

Continuously remember the sets, as these can be finished with cards you never again use for some great players and a better than average measure of coins.

Purchase up Special Events player (Most Feared, Thanksgiving, Winter) when they’re modest, and offer them for immense benefits when their comparing occasion commences.

On the off chance that you have packs set aside, or in case you’re pondering acquiring a few, it’s best to hold up until Team of the Week and 24 Hour players go live around Thursday.

MADDEN 18 Ultimate Team Best Team Playbooks

Beneath, we’ll run down the best hostile and cautious playbooks that you should pay special mind to on the Madden 18 Ultimate Team commercial center when having a few coins to spend keeping in mind the end goal to get them.

Best Madden 18 Ultimate Team hostile playbooks

Oakland Raiders – The Raiders playbook may well be the best that Madden 18 brings to the table, bragging an assortment of run and pass plays, the vast majority of which give your collectors the capacity to cut and lose their seeking after safeguards.

New England Patriots – Not much have changed from past cycles of Madden, as the hostile playbook of the Patriots is by and by truly outstanding in the diversion. You may feel that this playbook is skewed all the more intensely towards the go with Brady in charge, yet it offsets pleasantly with some strong run plays.

New Orleans Saints – The Saints playbook seemingly exceeds expectations more at running than it does at passing, furnishing running backs with some extraordinary blocking developments. Rest guaranteed that there are some pleasant passing plays to be found here, particularly in the Shotgun developments.

Seattle Seahawks – The hostile playbook for the Seahawks hopes to exploit the portable risk of Russell Wilson, so on the off chance that you have a genuinely versatile QB over a strong running back, at that point this may be the playbook for you.

Best Madden 18 Ultimate Team protective playbooks

Oakland Raiders – The Raiders additionally have a really strong protective playbook, exceeding expectations at basically everything through both the 3-4 and 4-3 developments, and having an even blend of scope and barrage plays for each circumstance.

New England Patriots – Nothing new here, as the Patriots are by and by back close to the best for the best protective playbook, much the same as they are in all out attack mode side of the ball. You can discover the 3-4, 4-3, Nickel, Big Dime, and Quarter developments all inside this playbook, which means New England’s plan can suit you regardless of what you require.

Seattle Seahawks – The Seattle guarded playbook has a tendency to bring weight more from the edge than from the center, spinning around pass surge pair Michael Bennett and Cliff Avril. There are strong rushes littered all through this playbook and in addition some strong zone and man scope to back it up.

MADDEN 18 MUT Squads Tips

The playbooks aren’t the main thing that is stirred up in the current year’s Madden, as there’s a fresh out of the box new mode inside Ultimate Team called MUT Squads. Make a beeline for our MUT Squads direct for all the data you have to command the opposition on the web.cheap Mut 18 coins

We have an assortment of extra Madden 18 controls here at USgamer, including how to finish the Longshot story mode, over the best players positioned by position.



EA SPORTS ™ FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch is the most immersive, social and realistic sports game ever created for Nintendo players. With rich content, you can play the universal game anytime, anywhere and uniquely with FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch.Buy cheap FIFA 18 coins
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With multiple display configurations and controls available, including separate Joy-Con ™, FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch provides a reactive and challenging gaming experience, no matter what your style of play.FUT 18 coins available at cheap prices.
Thanks to advanced rendering technology, FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch is the most technologically advanced FIFA portable opus to date. with thousands of satisfied customers, we can boast to be the best site where you can buy FIFA 18 coins Xbox one and get deliver in no time.
Discover new terrain, faithfully transcribed players and a new game mechanics, all designed specifically for the Nintendo Switch.
With FIFA Ultimate Team, Career Mode, Kickoff Switch and Local Seasons, FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch provides users with complete game modes than any other handheld console.
The cream of the cream lands in FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch. Play with the most iconic footballers like Ronaldo Nazário.

NBA 2K18: What Does Kyrie Irving Trade Mean for the Cover?

Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving was announced as the cover star of NBA 2K18 back in June before the NBA Finals kicked off.Buy cheap NBA 2K18 VC from gameusd.com. top up your cheap NBA 2K18 MT coins   at gameusd.com at the cheapest price and with the fastest delivery. Fast forward to today and we’re on verge of seeing Kyrie Irving being traded away from the Cavaliers now Kyrie Irving is a member of the Boston Celtics, which leaves us in an interesting situation by having a player on the cover that actually doesn’t play for the team he’s representing anymore.


There actually is a precedent for something like this because a similar thing happens to Madden 09. cheap NBA 2K18 VC on sale at ht e cheapest online coins seller.Then-retired quarterback Brett Favre was the cover athlete of that year’s installment of Madden to honor his career and to assume he’d stay retired. with thousands of satisfied customers, we can boast to be the best site where you can buy cheap NBA 2K18 VC and get deliver in no time The Hall-of-Fame quarterback then came out of retirement and joined the New York Jets – five days before the release of Madden NFL 09.

Madden 18: Latest Expert Review Scores, Metacritic Rating and Impressions.

The audits are streaming in, and Madden 18 resembles another hit for EA Sports.

Not that basic assessments—great, awful, terrible or something else—would do much to influence the retail achievement of the transcendent computer game games establishment. Rankle routinely positions among the smash hit titles year in and year out, and 2017 doesn’t figure to be any unique.

In any case, it’s important that the most recent version evaluated out and it did. With such a significant number of critical changes on the docket, from added modes to a pristine diversion motor, Madden 18 checked in at 79/100 on Xbox and 82/100 on PS4, per Metacritic, which doles out composite scores of surveys from around the web. buy Madden 18 coins   for PS4 PRO, XBOX ONE S, and PC.
That put the PS4 form inside Metacritic’s best 25 diversion arrivals of 2017 up until this point, with the Xbox version landing simply outside the best 50.

Buy cheap Madden NFL 18 Coins   from gameusd.com. top up your Madden NFL 18 coins at gameusd.com at the cheapest price and with the fastest delivery, with thousands of satisfied customers we can boast to be the best site where it is cheap NFL 18 coins for sale. buy now and get delivered in no time.

As of this unique distribute date, IGN’s Dustin Toms presently couldn’t seem to enroll a score for Madden 18, however, he had high acclaim for the diversion’s progressions:

Enrage is leaving the locker live with more than a change in accordance with its gameplay and story mode; the advancement group just raged back onto the field with another motor, enhanced gameplay, and a story mode at last worth caring the slightest bit about.

GameSpot’s Alex Newhouse adulated Madden 18’s new Frostbite motor for its capacity to breathe life into NFL football on a radical new virtual level:

By and large, Madden 18 denotes an uncommonly expansive shakeup in an arrangement that, because of its annualized discharges, once in a while highlights substantially more than little, iterative changes. The Frostbite motor enables the amusement to achieve new levels of authenticity in its visuals, and EA has put a great deal of exertion into continually advancing the diversion to keep it in accordance with certifiable occasions.

In general, Newhouse gave Madden 18 a 9/10.

Polygon’s Owen S. Great gave the diversion an 8/10, and saw a lot of guarantee in Longshot mode—the arrangement’s first-since forever endeavor at a story mode—for its capacity to convey mankind and feeling to an amusement known, to some degree, for its delineation of the stoic mechanical technology that frequently characterizes genuine NFL football:

Longshot inclines hard on every one of the paradigms of games folklore, from beat-up pickup trucks and sincere sidekicks to twangy secondary school mentors and Hall of Fame cameos.NFL 18 coins for sale
Be that as it may, at its heart is a saint both remarkably capable and questionable of himself. Also, just Madden NFL, which for a long time has accomplished more than whatever other work of games media to make the language bound ideas of American football concrete and justifiable, could make that contention genuine for the client.

With respect to the new “Target Passing” element, Sporting News’ Bryan Wiedey offered an expression of alert—and one of good faith—to those hoping to wander into further developed virtual quarterbacking:

It’s difficult to get the hang of it at in the first place, even in basic practice mode without a guard on the field. It will bring about significantly more sacks and some errant tosses for the individuals who utilize it. The individuals who get it down will have an unsafe weapon available to them, in any case.

In general, Wiedey’s survey was sure, with Madden 18 winning a 4/5.

The jury is still out on Play Now Live, since the 2017 NFL season hasn’t commenced. All in all, however, Madden 18 appears to be an energizing emphasis for this revered games establishment. There ought to be bounty more response to come once all the significant commentators have had their say and gamers have gotten their breaks at the amusement following its wide discharge on August 25.