FIFA 18: Live stream with eSports professionals and raffle

“FIFA 18″ is here! The editorial team has been holding the title since 16:30 together with two eSports professionals in the live stream and raffling great prizes – a joint action of COMPUTER BILD GAMES and Otto!
F ußball fans are out of control, ” FIFA 18 is” finally on store shelves! COMPUTER BILD also celebrates the launch of Electronic Arts’ new high-gloss kick. From 16:30 to 18:00 clock the editorial staff the title in the live stream. There are two professional eSporters: Erhan “Dr. Erhano “Kayman from VfB Stuttgart and Georg Raffelt from bPartGaming . The experts will complete some matches and deal with the hottest innovations of the game. Obendrein gives the professional gamers their best tips and tricks on the flanks, shots, penalty and throws and many more.

»FIFA 18 on Test: Kick it like Ronaldo!

Win an Xbox One S!
If you still lack the appropriate platform for the “FIFA 18″ -Zocken, this takes a bit of luck in the course of the transmission. Together with Otto, the editorial team raffles three Xbox One S bundles each with the game and ” Forza Horizon 3 “. Obendrauf has three more times “FIFA 18”. You will find details about the profit participation in the stream. You can find it at the top, on YouTube, on the Facebook page of COMPUTER BILD and COMPUTER BILD SPIELE. During the transfer you will have the opportunity to prove your football knowledge in a “FIFA” -Quiz and to ask the eSports professionals your most pressing questions.

7.3 Argus Master Professional Hall Followers and Equipment Selection Guide

7.3 After the opening of the new professional hall mission, the new Argus forces, the arrival of new entourage equipment, so that some of the old ideas of the 7.2 period are no longer applicable.

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In the 7.3 followers before the formation of equipment, talk about some of their own ideas.

  The reason why 7.2 old ideas are no longer fully applicable, because 7.3 for the professional hall mission has brought some very important changes.

  1, Agus 3 new forces to join (respectively, in the Antalan waste spacecraft to find Turalyon exchange “light shield shield Wei”, in the ruins of Ma Kailei Aurora below the cave (hole coordinates 42.63 ) “Keluku mountain hunter”, three kinds of new troops price 150 professional hall resources /, The upper limit of the hall 2, the upper limit of the package 5.) 3 new forces were fixed with the minions, harm, spell + 75% success rate skills (Note: only plus success rate, can not cope) and common skills “Agus Veterans” + 65% success rate;

  2, the professional hall of the task of the new response affection: Agus elite, need to use the first point mentioned above, “Agus Veterans” to deal with, and such tasks in most cases only two places (a few places );

  3, the professional hall to refresh the task speed (probably 6 hours?) We are more concerned about the number of gambling debris and energy tasks much more than the previous version;

  4, followers and other upper limit from 900 to 950;

  5, the new follower equipment to roll the old equipment of the overall upgrade (7.3 worst green equipment is still better than 7.2 top purple equipment).

Unconditional + success rate:

7.3 Argus Master Professional Hall Followers and Equipment Selection Guide

Less than 8 hours plus success rate:

7.3 Argus Master Professional Hall Followers and Equipment Selection Guide

More than 8 hours plus success rate:

7.3 Argus Master Professional Hall Followers and Equipment Selection Guide

Hazard Plus Power:

7.3 Argus Master Professional Hall Followers and Equipment Selection Guide

Have minions plus success rate:

7.3 Argus Master Professional Hall Followers and Equipment Selection Guide

There is a spell plus success rate:
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7.3 Argus Master Professional Hall Followers and Equipment Selection Guide

Shorten mission duration:

7.3 Argus Master Professional Hall Followers and Equipment Selection Guide

New orange equipment:

7.3 Argus Master Professional Hall Followers and Equipment Selection Guide

  Then according to these important changes, thinking on the new ideas have some key impact.

  1, ordinary such as water elements, Ken Ruituo summoners and other old forces, the basic loss of playing opportunities were eliminated. After all the basic 30% + spell response 15% + followers affinity 15% also only 60%, far less than the Aguas 3 response + 75% to the straightforward. And the new entourage of equipment and no new troops pro-equipment, but also from the side declared the designer for them have given up. At the same time large and small soldiers and followers status greatly reduced;

  2, the new professional hall to speed up the task to refresh and lucrative incentives, will enable anyone can not just as a good luck currency and equipment, the source of the box, in each round of 6 hours refresh time efficiency of 200% All the proceeds of the reward are high;

  3, the new attendant equipment success rate of unity to 8 hours for the distinction between the boundaries, to avoid the previous 4-8 hours of embarrassing section. While the success rate of a substantial increase to a maximum increase of 50%, shorten the time to shorten the maximum 30%, 8 hours this cut-off point to become the key;

  4, the new follower equipment added to the minions, hazards, spells 3 kinds of success rate bonus, the same up to 50%, skills to deal with more important. (But for the first four points that is now cynical, the same 50% of the maximum addition, no brain 8 hours below the need for other equipment)

  Comprehensive the above changes and analysis, it is easy to see the idea of ​​7.3 – still fast flow!

  Compared to the previous 4 hours limit, 7.3 within 8 hours for the Master comes with -20% of the professional skills is simply not too easy, the equipment standard is:

  Light Light Act -30% Duration + Awake Bag -25% Duration + Holy Light Sanctuary Weapon 8 Hours + 50% Success Rate

  So that when 3/2/1 followers play, you can 69/36/19 hours of the task is reduced to 8 hours, and provide at least 150/100/50% of the equipment success rate bonus, with the new forces of the new army 140 % / 75% correct response bonus, plus follow their own 50% / 10% correct / incorrect talent to deal with, this configuration can be 200% take all the tasks at this stage.

  Ps: For orange equipment is not clear whether only the above, if it is so the best orange should be two less than 8 hours + 40% plus magic, minions should be + 40% of the final addition of up to 80% And then unconditional + 25% plus harm, spells corresponding to + 40% of the orange installed, enhanced version of the small teeth is also good. As for the two outside do not meet the fast break flow play.

  200% is not a problem, the only requirement is the skills to deal with.

  After all, the success rate of high and then lost to a curse 100% cap, minus the length of time and then a short time to slow down the time is always unhappy, before the most neglected fatal because of the large consumption of Argus new forces and feel hurt 50w resources I still so stingy) So, followers is still the key.

  In the 7.2 times the double ice fire + double flash against the snow + meatballs principle:

  1, meatballs: Although it is Azeroth Aboriginal and in front of the Argus elite counseling, but in front of the general leader of the task is still V587: unreasonable leader response 75% + minions 15%, plus strange energy ball 20% props bonus, body position to deal with a skill it does not, it can still be in the followers ranked No. 1;

  2, the big man Waggs, Marell evil wind: tell the truth in the old forces have been eliminated today, Marella evil wind can rely on hand bread training Ken Ruituo guards and Argus veterans support the facade , Master Waggs really is to rely on the blizzard can kill the minions standing here. Only two storms of the candidates, do not move;

  3, Ravenderville, Azshara fire law duo group, Raven is the last version of the main response to the harm of the thugs also bring + 15% minions do not have to say, Azshara only a blanket -20% I will be willing to bring the unconditional time to mention even more critical spells to deal with;

  4, Arcane Destroyer, Goblin vs Mo de La, Carrie these two groups are more tangled, the individual is more inclined to Arcane Destroyer + Goblin, after all, lucky rabbit feet is a ball of energy outside the ball and a bug-like items, And Cale’s double corresponding addition is difficult, but wins in the controllable higher. The other two followers really is not worth mentioning …

  5, wins the Japanese, Morrow unsuccessful reason is very simple, no response to skills and can not be like a bomb with a very high addition. Morrows last version there is no chance to enter the final Moreover, the difficulty of starting this version of the Japanese still can not be enabled for the reason is still burning 40% of the addition is too low there are side effects, the other two fire too good.

  Of course, this combination of equipment in the save during the period will not be too good, because the current look at the epic loaded production is not high, double reduction when the props are more difficult to cobble together, but the blue production is more adequate, so discretionary first use but minus the length of +8 Hours to increase the success rate + frequent replacement response to increase the success rate of the props to transition. 3 play opportunities on the two followers +1 Agus veterans should be the normal way of the future appearance. Also do not know whether Blizzard will open in the late such as broken islands command center difficult task, so the skills to deal with + 50% of the props to stay or to stay good! (Click to buy wow gold, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

Desires must be balanced all through the class as groups like Denver and New England looked far superior in Week 2 than they had in Week 1,

while Dallas and Green Bay tumbled off a bluff. There is still excessively clamor in any of the outcomes to make an excessive number of determinations, however the N.F.L’s. chain of importance may get some clearness this week. Here is who we pick.

Record against the spread in Week 2: 10-6

Record against the spread general: 18-13

Top-Tier Games
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Marauders at Redskins, 8:30 p.m. on NBC

Line: Raiders by 3

It is difficult to state who is appreciating Marshawn Lynch’s arrival to the N.F.L. more: His partners, the aficionados of the Oakland Raiders (2-0), or Lynch himself. A week ago, as he moved on the sidelines amid his group’s defeat of the Jets, it turned out to be yet another permanent minute in a vocation loaded with them.

Take after

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Lynch’s entry in Oakland had the potential for catastrophe. He was not quite recently old for a running back, he was leaving retirement in what could pessimistically have been portrayed as a trick by the group to acquire a main residence saint to facilitate the blow of the group leaving Oakland sooner rather than later.

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Dream Football: The Best Players to Start in Week 3 SEPT. 21, 2017


Tom Brady’s ‘The TB12 Method’ Is Hefty yet Short on Science SEPT. 20, 2017

Rather, Lynch has appeared restored by the year off, and has paid quick profits for the Raiders, adding a hardcore edge to the offense that is appearing in state of mind, as well as underway. At 31, he is barely being made a request to do everything himself — he has 30 of the group’s 56 conveys — however he has added to solid increases for Oakland in the level of surging yards they get after contact, which influences groups to strive to stop him. He might not have had a convey for more than 14 yards yet, yet he has been thumped for a misfortune just twice, and the extreme yards he has possessed the capacity to battle for have opened things up for Derek Carr and the passing amusement. Carr has exploited with a passer rating of 126.5 up to this point, which is almost 30 focuses superior to his vocation high for a season.

This week the Raiders will be out and about against a Redskins (1-1) group that has done genuinely well against the run, however has demonstrated some defenselessness in the passing diversion. On the off chance that Lynch can pound away at the Redskins’ front-seven, and let Carr misuse matchup points of interest against the Washington optional, the Raiders could have the group’s initial 3-0 begin since 2002. Pick: Raiders

Birds of prey at Lions, 1 p.m. on Fox

Line: Falcons by 3
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Despite the fact that the Falcons are the guarding N.F.C. champions, this was not seen by numerous as a marquee matchup when the calendars turned out. Be that as it may, considering how well Atlanta (2-0) played a week ago against Green Bay, and how great Detroit (2-0) has looked in the two amusements up until this point, this could be the most equitably coordinated diversion this week as far as ability. It is the main meeting of the week between unbeaten groups. Matt Ryan of the Falcons and Matthew Stafford of the Lions will get the main part of the reputation, however this amusement is probably going to come down to which protection can confine the contradicting offense, which makes the nonappearance of Vic Beasley, Atlanta’s best pass-rusher, maybe the most vital damage note of the week. Pick: Lions

Texans at Patriots, 1 p.m. on CBS

Line: Patriots by 13.5

Mentor Bill Belichick has dependably appeared to savor singling out youthful quarterbacks, and with Houston (1-1) conveying Deshaun Watson for a begin against the Patriots (1-1) in Foxborough, here are a few numbers worth focusing on: 5-15 (the record of new kid on the block quarterbacks against Belichick-drove Patriots groups); 0-8 (the record of those quarterbacks when playing in Foxborough); 0-5 (the record of the Texans at Foxborough paying little respect to who is playing quarterback). New England’s wide recipient profundity diagram has just a single completely solid player, and Rob Gronkowski, who looked hero like a week ago, still couldn’t seem to rehearse as of Wednesday, so a victory score may be difficult to oversee. Anticipating that Watson should pull off a triumph is probably going to be excessively to ask, yet the point spread is shocking. Pick: Texans

Second-Tier Games


Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks has battled this season and many fingers have pointed at poor play by the group’s hostile line. Credit Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Seahawks at Titans, 4:05 p.m. on Fox

Line: Titans by 2.5

The Seahawks (1-1) have been frightful repulsively, and a considerable measure of the fault has been put on the group’s hostile line. Professional Football Focus backs that fault up by rating three of the group’s five starters as “poor,” with Rees Odhiambo, the group’s beginning left handle, getting the back with a player rating of 25.9 that positions 72nd among handles. The intriguing thing, however, is that as indicated by Sportradar, Russell Wilson has had a normal of 2.57 seconds in the pocket before he discharges the ball or the pocket breakdown, which is superior to anything last season’s characteristic of 2.29 seconds, and is the fifth most time of any quarterback. He has been hit a normal of 6.5 times an amusement, which is tied for the twelfth most, and has been sacked six times, which is tied for ninth. Wilson without a doubt could utilize better security, however putting the greater part of the fault on the folks in advance might be misinformed. Meanwhile, Seattle’s protection is generally compensating for the hostile deficiency, and ought to have the capacity to deal with Tennessee (1-1), particularly if DeMarco Murray can’t play. Pick: Seahawks

Mammoths at Eagles, 1 p.m. on Fox

Line: Eagles by 6

Mentor Ben McAdoo of the Giants (0-2) did not keep down amid a phone call this week.

“Better believe it, we can’t continue doing likewise again and again,” McAdoo said. “That is madness. It’s not working. So we will hope to roll out a few improvements this week, as we did a week ago. Possibly it will be somewhat more radical this week, to utilize your pledge.”

It is not really daylight and puppy puppies in Philadelphia, as the Eagles (1-1) are attempting to discover any kind of hostile adjust, and have some key wounds on safeguard, however playing at home against a group in confuse can do a considerable measure to influence a group to appear as though it has it all together. Pick: Eagles


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Pirates at Vikings, 1 p.m. on Fox

Line: N/A

Nobody is certain what to make of this diversion since the status of Minnesota’s beginning quarterback, Sam Bradford, still can’t seem to be resolved. The Vikings (1-1) looked fabulous in Week 1, with Bradford gaining N.F.C. hostile player of the week respects for his execution against New Orleans, however knee damage kept him out of Week 2 and the outcome was a 26-9 misfortune to Pittsburgh. On the off chance that Bradford, who rehearsed in a restricted limit on Wednesday, can play, Minnesota would apparently be at leverage, however without him the Vikings will battle to score, despite the fact that his reinforcement, Case Keenum, has a 2-0 record against Tampa Bay (1-0) in the course of the last two seasons. Pick: Vikings

Horses at Bills, 1 p.m. on CBS

Line: Broncos by 3

Denver (2-0) scarcely got away with a triumph in Week 1, yet then completely ruled one of the N.F.L’s. best groups in Week 2, so making sense of precisely where they fit leaguewide can be troublesome. Trevor Siemian will be unable to reel off four passing touchdowns consistently, yet in the event that the group’s run protection can play and also it did while mortifying Ezekiel Elliott, at that point the Broncos will be unpleasant for rivals. Bison (1-1) will do its best to move something with LeSean McCoy, however the Bills will in the long run need to toss the ball, and it’s difficult to trust that Tyrod Taylor can discover openings with Aqib Talib and Chris Harris Jr. wandering the field. Pick: Broncos

Steelers at Bears, 1 p.m. on CBS

Line: Steelers by 7.5

Pittsburgh (2-0) has not precisely been setting the world ablaze disagreeably, however it has done what’s needed to win, and gave the group does not go into disrepair against the modest Bears, they ought to have their initial 3-0 begin to the season since 2010. It is anything but difficult to be frustrated in the Steelers’ endeavors considering the nearness of a few of the group’s greatest stars. Be that as it may, Chicago (0-2) could put on a facility in dissatisfaction: Mike Glennon has demonstrated his faultfinders remedy by not looking even near being justified regardless of his tremendous compensation, and Jordan Howard so far is attempting to rehash his prosperity from a year back. Pick: Steelers

Bengals at Packers, 4:25 p.m. on CBS

Line: Packers by 9

Regardless of the possibility that the Packers (1-1) are as yet making sense of things protectively, a win at home finished the battling Bengals (0-2) appears like it would be sufficiently simple. The convoluting factor is wellbeing. Green Bay had its program go to pieces a week ago, with seven starters unfit to play before the finish of the misfortune to Atlanta. On the off chance that Mike Daniels, the group’s flexible protective lineman, can’t go in view of hip damage, at that point this amusement is significantly more equally coordinated. It could come down to whether an interwoven hostile line can give Aaron Rodgers some an opportunity to work. Pick: Packers

Boss at Chargers, 4:25 p.m. on CBS

Line: Chiefs by 3

The Chargers (0-2) have kept things close finished the initial two weeks of the season, yet finished the two diversions with a fizzled field objective endeavor by Younghoe Koo and a misfortune. On the off chance that this diversion comes down to a very late field objective endeavor, it would be a stun, as the Chiefs (2-0), notwithstanding when playing out and about, seem to have solid focal points on the two sides of the ball. Pick: Chiefs

Holy people at Panthers, 1 p.m. on Fox

Line: Panthers by 6

New Orleans (0-2) has been completely reviled in September throughout the last couple of se (Click gameusd.comto buy madden 18 coins ,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

FIFA 18: gameplay, release date and latest EA Sports title info

As every year, Electronic Arts prepares the next opus of its football franchise. MCE tells you all about FIFA 18.
The video could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported.
As every year, FIFA of Electronic Arts returns to console for the delight of its fans. Existing since 1993, the franchise now has nearly twenty games at its counter. Today, it is FIFA 18 that the players wait firmly.
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The very first FIFA 18 Team of the week is now available in FIFA 18, with Dybala, Agüero, and many other stars.
No, Argentina is not limited to Lionel Messi. Good indeed, he scored a quadruple against Eibar, but his teammates in selection do not have to blush. This is the case for example of Dybala , who signed his match against Sassuolo of a triple.
And to avoid jealousy, Agüero also went from his triplet against Watford. As a result, the Manchester City striker scored half the goals of his team.
EA Sports is coming to the end of its ranking of the best players in FIFA 18 , with players ranging from 30th to 21st place.
For this fifth part, all players have a general score of 88. Therefore, they are the best players of the game, whose impact in the game will be formidable.
We find Ibrahimovic, Aubameyang, Lloris, Godin and Hummels. Nothing surprising to say, besides Ibrahimovic and Aubameyang. Indeed, the Swedish giant has not been to his advantage in the Premier League and the Dortmund striker has still not proved to the highest level.
In FIFA 18 , players will of course give a lot of importance to technical gestures, here are the top 3 players with 5 stars.
Often decried for his irregularity, Angel Di Maria remains however very dangerous when it is in his match. In fact, he was one of the best players on the field during the match against FC Barcelona in the Champions League.

Nevertheless, Fideo suffers from a major fault: his inability to play on the right foot. For all that, the technical quality of his left paw is more than misery-cache. So the publisher EA Sports has awarded him 5 stars in technical gestures.
As part of a promotional video of FIFA 18 , EA Sports interviewed several football stars asking them to guess their score.
As part of a promotional video, many stars have responded, in a relaxed tone, to their expectations in terms of notes. What to laugh a little before its release in a few weeks. The opportunity for the players not to put on the crampons but well their costume of humorist. So when Robben is asked if he has a right foot, he answers “Yes, it serves as my fulcrum” . Dybala him, boot in touch when he is accused of diving: “I have a great swimming pool at my house. Come on, we can dive!
But the Palme d’Or returns to Cristiano Ronaldo and his legendary humility. When asked what grade he would like to have, the Portuguese naturally replies “I would like to have 100” .
Already announced by EA Sports, the career mode of FIFA 18 should propose many novelties, which can be found on video.
Right from the start, the interface has not changed. Nevertheless, some tabs, such as the status of the players, benefited from a graphic overhaul. Each player has an animation of his own. The player’s statistics, morale and form, however, seem to have gained in importance.

In addition, we also find the novelties of the previous opus, as the different objectives. Thus, it will be necessary to make shine the image of the club, to give importance to the training center and of course to fulfill the sports objectives. The allocation of the budget will finally always be modifiable.
In FIFA 18 as in real life, Bayern could be one of the best teams, (welcome to to buy cheap fifa 18 coins, all the product will delivery in 5- 30 mins)
witness the hallucinatory notes of the players.
Whether on the wings, in the center, or in the offensive midfield, the Bavarian club is very dangerous. Because if the weight of the age can pay in real life, Ribery and Robben are immortal in FIFA. And with Coman for the end of matches, the defenses will have no respite.
James Rodriguez will be able to make his dribbling, his strikes from afar and his vista talk. By its versatility, Muller can also replace any offensive. Beware, however, Ancelotti obliges, Bayern will likely play in 4-3-3.
If it is only the beta, the PSG players’ ratings in FIFA 18 are already available, and for now, not much has changed.
With his offensive trident, the PSG in FIFA should not have trouble scoring goals, even against the best defenses. For with Neymar, Cavani and Di Maria, who have respectively 92, 87 and 85, the attack power of the three players should easily be felt.
On the other hand, there will be an increase for the Uruguayan and a small decrease for the Argentine. The first is explained by his outstanding performance last season, with 49 goals scored. On the other hand, Di Maria pays for a season in half-tint, far from the expectations placed in him.
Like Rabiot and Casemiro, many stars will not be modeled in FIFA 18 , yet very important in football.
Although much less highlighted than a Modric or a Cristiano Ronaldo, the role of Casemiro is indispensable on a field. As pure, the recuperator of Casa Blanca thus lighten the defensive loads of its surroundings. A flagship player in the last two leagues of the Champions, the Brazilian does not have the recognition he deserves in the eyes of EA. This video demonstrates La Liga’s presentation.
Revealed in the eyes of Europe by Carlo Ancelotti, Adrien Rabiot is a talented boy. In fact, the French international can also play for the defense. Despite its hallucinatory performances against European juniors, EA Sports believes that it does not deserve modeling. And it’s sad.
While the Nintendo Switch version of FIFA 18 seemed to be poorly engaged, the producer of the game reassured the fans by returning to the quality of the title.
It was during the Gamescom that the developers of the game could evoke the license on Nintendo console. Although it is not as good as the Xbox One and PS4 versions, the Switch version does not have to be ashamed of its capabilities. The producer of the game thus wanted to return on the optimization of the title.
“We spent a lot of time understanding the operation of the console. In the dock, what we have seen, for example, is 1080p running at 60 frames per second. When you disconnect and play in portable mode, it’s 720p. We spent a lot of time making sure that the transition is done seamlessly so that you always have 60 frames per second. ”
In FIFA 18 , EA Sports decided to incorporate new celebrations, perfect to make the opponent mad by provoking him a little.
For the first time in FIFA 18, it will be possible to celebrate a goal with its audience. Thus, EA Sports considered fitting to rework the modeling of the supporters. A rather amusing detail which, at the same time, will add more and more immersion.
A true sensation of French rap, Niska had released his Matuidi Charo a few years ago. Without any real relationship with the player of the Juventus, the latter was nevertheless honored by this homage. So much so that the indefatigable midfielder made his celebration.
Big fan of the NBA, Antoine Griezmann never fails to display with basketball players. In addition, it happens to the star of Atletico to pay tribute to some of them, including James Harden. Therefore, the celebration of “Cooking cooking! ”
Like the Premier League, the next FIFA 18 will feature the La Liga interface as broadcast on television. Thus, the display of the scores, the stopwatch and the presentation of the players will be broadcast.
While most Real Madrid players enjoy their true face, this is not the case for everyone. Casemiro, at the club for several seasons, has still not been modeled. Amazing for a player who in two years has won a Liga and two Champions League.
But on the side of Atletico Madrid, it’s worse. Besides Griezmann, Gameiro, Koke, Gabi, Godin and Filipe, the Colchoneros have a generic face. However, the game is currently in beta. But it seems unlikely that the players will be modeled by then …
In FIFA 18, it will be possible to see the slow motion of its goals from all angles, in order to give a more spectacular aspect.
The more time passes, the more FIFA 18 looks great. Indeed, if the experts did not give the skin of EA Sports a few weeks to the detriment of PES 2018 , the trend is surely reversed. For FIFA did not seem to have killed himself after the excellent opus of last year. Yet, one simply has to believe that the publisher worked in the shade.
New modeling , new celebrations, gameplay improvements … In reality, the next FIFA will be far more complete than its predecessor. In addition to the graphics improvements, EA Sports seems determined to offer more realistic gameplay than ever before. Even if only slight improvements have been made, this is reflected in the new slowdowns.
Like every year, FIFA 18 will do a lot of work on face modeling. Indeed, many players feel the need to play with virtual players that resemble their homonyms. Thus, many stars are abandoned in the career mode or in the Ultimate Team mode for this unique reason.
True revelation of the Ligue 1 last year, Mbappe will have right to its true face. A bargain for this player both fast, technical but also effective in front of the goals. On the other hand, the Parisians Rabiot and Aurier are not entitled to it for almost five years now. EA, hear our prayers …

For his part, midfielder Nainggolan has always been very complete. Fast, useful offensively as defensively and taking advantage of essential physical capabilities, its modeling is a brilliant idea from EA Sports. The players who were dead on this player should finally snatch it.

The release of FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch may well be decisive for EA, which will judge the future of the publisher on the console.
The Nintendo Switch, released last March, will host its first football simulation with FIFA 18. However, it will be a significantly different version than on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Thus, many elements will miss the Switch version. This is particularly the case for improvements related to the Frostbite engine.
But Frostbite compels, it is simply a whole game mode that will be absent from the console of Nintendo. Indeed, the Adventure Mode, which will continue the course of Alex Hunter, will not be available. And it will not be synonymous on Xbox 360 and PS3. Yet EA’s future does not appear to be compromised.
Freshly arrived at Paris Saint-Germain, winger Neymar will be part of the Players to Follow in the Ultimate Team mode of FIFA 18.
A few days ago, the transfer of Neymar to the PSG finally materialized. Of course, it was not long before the publisher EA Sports came to celebrate the event. As a reminder, a small video presented the player in his new colors , accompanied by his compatriots in selection. (Click gameusd.comto buy fifa 18 coins ,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

This Fan Will Give Away Copies Of ‘NBA 2K18’ If Carmelo Anthony Is Traded By Tuesday

BOSTON, MA – JANUARY 18: Carmelo Anthony #7 of the New York Knicks looks on during the second half against the Boston Celtics at TD Garden on January 18, (Click to buy Cheap NBA 2K18 MT, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)
2017 in Boston, Massachusetts. The Knicks defeat the Celtics 117-106. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this Photograph, user is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

The endless adventure of “Will Carmelo Anthony get exchanged?” has been waiting on the edges of the NBA offseason since the Knicks last played an amusement. The trial has kept going so long that Kyrie Irving was obviously content with the Cavaliers when these thunderings about Carmelo Anthony warmed up vigorously — Kyrie is currently in Boston in the wake of asking for an exchange.

Be that as it may, Carmelo hasn’t given the show a chance to drag him down picking rather to develop out his hair and wear a hoodie and begin analyzing anybody before him on the court this late spring. The man known as Hoodie Melo was so overwhelming this late spring 2K Studios gave him his own rating and regarded the main man more risky on the court was a Smiling Kawhi Leonard.


So, the long standing desire has been that Carmelo will in the end be taking his ability to Houston to join James Harden and Chris Paul to frame a hostile juggernaut that would just be matched by Warriors. To help goad this on in some design Chance Cox, a 18-year old from Houston, has tweeted out that if Melo was exchanged to Houston by next Tuesday that he’d purchase any individual who retweeted him a duplicate of ‘NBA 2K18’. (welcome to to buy BUY cheap nba 2k18 MT, all the product will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

Test of FIFA 18, review of career mode and FIFA Ultimate Tea

Expected by millions of players, FIFA 18 will arrive in your living room in a few days. Before this official release, here is our test of the game!

A few days after Pro Evolution Soccer 18 , it’s now time to get FIFA 18 under our microscope. While Konami has set the bar very high with a gameplay completely redesigned and considerably improved (that is saying little), the new version of Electronic Arts which is already revealed greatly in recent weeks seems to have the weapons to meet the challenge launched by the Japanese publisher. Did EA Sports take risks with FIFA 18? Is the game a confirmation after a FIFA 17 more than innovative? Elements of answer here and now.

[Details] – The game was tested on PlayStation 4, on a dematerialized version sent by the publisher .

Electronic Arts once again cared for the entry into the FIFA 18. As usual, you will begin your adventure with a friendly match before you have access to the full game and all its menus. This year, we are entitled to a small variant that you will greatly appreciate. History not to spoil the pleasure, we will let you discover this for yourself.

What’s new in the sun?

Before entering the big news one by one, let’s quickly sift through what will be innovative in FIFA 18 compared to FIFA 17, whether in pure gameplay or the game globally. One of the things that Electronic Arts wanted to exploit with this new opus is the Frosbite Engine for everything concerning the atmosphere of the matches. After a successful start with this engine last year, now is the time to fine-tune everything and put in place the things that were probably optional on FIFA 17. Know it : it’s a success. Place a whole new atmosphere in the stadiums, be it sound or visual. Banners and tifos at will, confetti on some stadiums in South America, even more realistic viewers with different reactions from each other. EA has put the package to highlight what happens in the background. Each region is retranstricted as it should be, the different supporters around the world not necessarily celebrating football in the same way! Also places new celebrations, which will send the players go communing with their fans in some stadiums.

Speaking of our famous players, a lot of work has been done on some famous players so that they adopt the same behaviors as true. Whether for CR7, Sterling or Robben, in terms of player races, certain specific arm movements or how to move in duels, everything has been done (with motion capture) to stick to the reality.

On the level of gameplay in general, we also have quite a few minor changes that make their arrival with FIFA 18. Place to a new system of long passes / centers, or a system level of dribbling for the most technical players. Another very nice novelty: fast player changes. In fact, before your game, you can prepare three changes that you are thinking about. During the game, whether during a slow motion or during a replacement of the players on a free kick / corner, it is enough to press R2 to have access to these three changes at the bottom of your screen and you just press the key. No need to switch on the pause menu, everything can be done quickly and optimally. Obviously if you change your mind, you can always make the changes to the old way through the pause menu.

Career from father to son

If there is one thing that EA has put forward in recent weeks for the promotion of FIFA 18, it is the renewal of the career mode . With more than a solid foundation and millions of players who always prefer to rub shoulders with the AI ​​team (and favorite players), FIFA’s oldest game mode gets a new look with FIFA 18 with an emphasis on everything concerning transfers. Gone are the cold transactions of the past, it is now possible for you to conduct the negotiations yourself from A to Z with the manager of the player’s club you are targeting, before negotiating directly with the player in question. At the beginning of our career, we were able to accommodate in our office Jürgen Klopp or even Unai Emery. This did not necessarily end up positively with the Paris coach, who even left our office barely installed, considering that he lacked respect with a pitiful proposal. A somewhat theatrical side that finds its perfect place.

Même si cela peut paraître compliqué à première vue, vous allez rapidement prendre le coup de main. Dans un premier temps, vous allez proposer une certaine somme ou un joueur à échanger (voire les deux). Votre interlocuteur pourra par exemple vous rétorquer que dans le cadre de l’échange, il préférerait un Ailier Gauche plutôt que le Défenseur Central que vous lui proposez. Vous pourrez également proposer une clause de revente en parallèle de ces enchères qui pourront parfois prendre une direction inattendue. Par la suite, vous allez devoir directement négocier avec le joueur concerné si le club a donné son accord. Ici, on retrouve les mêmes variables que l’on connait, comme le rôle du joueur dans le club ou encore sa durée de contrat, mais une fois de plus, tout est négociable en direct cette fois-ci, avec propositions et contre-propositions. Place également à des éléments comme la clause libératoire ou diverses primes (voir images ci-dessous). Cette interactivité vous permet en effet de tout régler sur le moment et de ne plus perdre de précieux jours lors des périodes de transferts. Néanmoins, sachez qu’il est possible de déleguer certains transferts si vous ne ressentez pas le besoin de rentrer dans les détails directement avec les partis concernés, comme vous le faisiez dans les anciens FIFA.

In parallel to the negotiations themselves, the narrative side of the game is reinforced in the career mode and you will have for example video clips that present the new recruit of a certain club (or your) alongside the leaders.

Besides that, of course, we find the sure values ​​of the career mode of FIFA 17 (and previous ones), whether at the level of the general interface, the management of your team, your training center, your staff etc . Also note that the whole integrated training side has experienced a lot of new features and improvements, history that you can make evolve players as precisely as possible.

Sir Alex Hunter

In order to stay in the solo game modes, The Journey is obviously back in FIFA 18. Where the stammering of Alex Hunter in FIFA 17 we were in the Premier League, our young football player will this time be able to discover new countries, and especially visit several continents. Having access to other championships than the PL was the number one demand for this mode of play, and EA responded favorably to the request. Another thing that rumbled a bit the players was that all the Alex Hunter looked alike. Problem solved with FIFA 18, because you will be able to relook your nugget as you like and change cut or hair color will be quite possible. Place also to a whole plethora of tattoos history to personalize your player to the maximum.

World of Warcraft: Fel-spotted Egg

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In patch 7.3, there was a Fel-spotted Egg released on Argus where you have a chance at one of four mounts, one of two pets and an aged yolk. Mount and pet collectors are in awe as they work to obtain this beautiful egg.

There are rares that have a chance at dropping the egg, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We should first start at the beginning of how to obtain this wondrous egg. Keep in mind, the egg is not at a 100% drop rate, and there is no guarantee as to what will be in it when it cracks. The first thing you will need to do if you have not done it already is the Argus Campaign quests so you can get to Argus. Keep in mind, that you must complete the Broken Shore Assault in order to get to even the Argus Campaign, so if you are like me and have not worried much about it, be prepared for a task at hand.

Broken ShoreBroken Shore Assault
If you are not a raider or lack gear, then it is possible you could struggle a little bit getting past the Argus campaign so that you can acquire the mount. This is usually equated to your item level though most players will have a good enough item level, others might not. If you do not have a high item level, it might be advisable to bring a friend or guild member to give you a hand with the Argus campaign, if you have not completed it already.

To give you an example, I did this on my mage and her item level is 849, she is my main and only level 110, but I struggled due to gear and being a cloth wearer. Just because I struggled at this does not mean you will even if you have a low item level, as you might have a different or a better setup than me.

There are four rares that you can kill in order to obtain this egg: Kaara the Pale, Sabuul, Varga, and Narou. Though these beasts will not be up every time you head there, it is still worth a trip to see if they are. You can kill each of the rares once a day for a potential shot at getting this Fel-spotted egg. The rares can be solo-ed, and once again depending on your gear may or may not prove to be a challenge for you. Each one is spread out on four different areas in Argus. Narou is on Krokuun, making her the first that you can access, as this is where the Argus campaign takes place.

NarouWorld of Warcraft: Narou
The egg does have a 40 percent change to drop off all the rares. Sabuul can be found on Mac’aree, coordinates are around 44.8, 50.6. She will be around this area. It is important to note that there is a world quest to kill these mounts that drop the egg, but you do not need to have the world quest in order to have a chance at getting the egg.

Sabuul who drops Fel-Spotted Egg found in Mac’Aree at 44.1, 49.7
Naroua who drops Fel-Spotted Egg found in Krokuun at 70.4,33.7
Varga who drops Fel-Spotted Egg found in Antoran Wastes at 64.2, 48.2
Kaara The Pale who drops Fel-Spotted Egg found in Mac’aree at 38.7, 55.8
VargaVarga, World of Warcraft
The eggs are not a unique item, so you can have as many as possible. One player on the forums reveals that it took them 20 eggs to get all of the mounts and pets out of them as well. You are able to sell the pets on the auction house it would seem, so if you are not into collecting pets, then you could sell them for some gold.

All of the rares are cats, and might I add, they do look adorable. The cats do have different colors even though they look alike. No one has revealed a spawn timer for these mounts, so how & when they spawn is a mystery to all of us. Even if you have to do the work to unlock Argus so you can work on obtaining the egg and the mounts, it is worth it in the end.

Fel-Spotted EggFel-Spotted Egg in inventory
The eggs do drop Aged Yolks as well but don’t worry, they are not completely useless. Winter Veil is coming up, so you could send a friend of yours a great gag gift and have them be surprised when you send them an aged yolk for Christmas! Start your Christmas shopping early, your friends will love you as you sport your new mount and they open their aged yolks! (Click to buy wow gold, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

Carson Wentz on an Andrew Luck pace (and that’s not good)

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Here are three big takeaways from Sunday’s loss to the Kansas City Chiefs as the Philadelphia Eagles begin preparations for their home opener against the New York Giants:

Carson Wentz was let down on several fronts

Normally it’s not a bad thing to be compared to Andrew Luck. But in this case, it is.

As CSN Philly points out, Wentz is second all time in pass attempts by a quarterback in his first 18 games (692), just one shy of Luck. It’s one thing to empower a young, promising quarterback and another thing entirely to put him in harm’s way by constantly dropping him back. As has been the case with Luck in Indianapolis, the Eagles haven’t had a steady run game to lean on in Wentz’s brief career, so they’ve gone pass-heavy. Wentz had 46 pass attempts on Sunday and is averaging 38 attempts per game in the pros. The run game is a weak spot, no doubt, but Wentz’s development should be this organization’s No. 1 priority. Darren Sproles averaged 4.8 yards per carry vs. Kansas City, so it’s not like the ground game was totally stagnant. Even if it were, coach Doug Pederson has to do better by Wentz and pound the rock more.

Despite the imbalance against the Chiefs (Pederson dialed up only 13 run plays), Wentz was generally effective. He seemed at his best when he was able to execute quick, intermediate rhythm throws, particularly off play-action, and still needs work when it comes to the deep ball and effectively setting up screens. He and Alshon Jeffery had the chemistry working: The veteran receiver finished with seven catches for 92 yards and a score. The wide receiving corps has been better overall but wasn’t as sure-handed as it needed to be at Arrowhead Stadium. Torrey Smith let a pair of long Wentz throws go off his hands, including one in the corner of the end zone that should have been a touchdown.

Offensive line has some leaks to plug

While Pederson deserves scrutiny for some of his playcalling, poor execution had a part in putting Wentz and the offense in some bad spots. Take this sequence in the second quarter: The Chiefs sent three rushers against a five-man offensive front on a first-down pass, yet defensive end Chris Jones came free between second-year guard Isaac Seumalo and center Jason Kelce to register one of his three sacks on Wentz. On the next play, Justin Houston dipped underneath tackle Jason Peters to drop Sproles for a loss. Suddenly it’s third-and-18 and Wentz is in a bind. (His third-down offering to a well-covered Smith ended up sailing out of bounds.)

The unit looked solid for extended stretches but had some letdowns. Seumalo appeared to be responsible for a good portion of those. The Eagles awarded Seumalo the job at the start of training camp and traded his main competition, veteran Allen Barbre, to Denver. Barbre is now starting at left guard for the Broncos. Pederson said on Monday he was not considering any changes to the offensive line, but that’ll be a spot to monitor as they search for consistency.

D-Line will keep them relevant

The Eagles went into the matchup against receiver Tyreek Hill and the Chiefs without cornerback Ronald Darby (dislocated ankle) and during the game lost cornerback Jaylen Watkins and safety Rodney McLeod to hamstring injuries. The defense still held its own, though, thanks in large part to a defensive line that appears to be the strength of this team. Defensive tackle Fletcher Cox and defensive end Brandon Graham are the primary disrupters and got good support from Vinny Curry (four tackles, tackle for loss), Tim Jernigan (four tackles, 1.5 TFL, 0.5 sack) and Chris Long (sack, TFL) against Kansas City. So long as this unit continues to play at a high level, the Eagles will be in just about every game.

Credit also goes to a patchwork secondary that includes rookie Rasul Douglas, who showed well in his first NFL action and helped keep Hill in check. A couple of the Eagles’ four sacks were of the coverage variety.

Defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz is not known as a blitzer but has effectively brought the heat in the first two weeks. Linebackers Mychal Kendricks and Jordan Hicks both got good licks on Chiefs QB Alex Smith. Kendricks is enjoying a resurgence. He had a sack, two tackles for loss and four solo tackles in limited work. (Click to buy buy madden nfl 18 coins, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

Warriors news: NBA 2K18 glitch shows Draymond Green sitting on Kevin Durant’s lap

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With NBA2K18 still in its early days, some glitches can still be expected from it, and the developers are keeping track of them in order to address them all the soonest. However, one of the more bizarre ones was seen recently, as its photo has already been making its rounds on the internet.

A photo was shared by Reddittor g3peddie, where it can be clearly seen that Draymond Green is getting too comfortable sitting on Kevin Durant’s lap.

KD and Draymond getting a little too comfortable from NBA2k

Durant had a huge part in bringing the Warriors the gift of an NBA title, but he’s no Santa Claus for Green to sit on his lap.

It’s no secret that the two have had a strong bond since they started playing last summer for Team USA, and eventually as teammates with the Golden State Warriors, but the glitch definitely shows something that they aren’t expected to do in real life. It’s also unsafe for them to be putting all their weight on a foldable chair, as they could easily reach 500 lbs, and destroy it.

These glitches can be considered as growing pains for the newly released video game, but once all fixed, NBA 2K18 could be the best one yet for 2K Sports. (visit our site to buy nba 2k18 mt coins,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

How to play FIFA 18 before everybody else

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re-orders for FIFA 18 are now available everywhere, and these are some of the places you can get it cheapest.

This means you can get it delivered or collect it from a store on the day of release.

But what if you are super competitive and want to get in some extra practice hours so you have the edge over your friends when it comes time to face them?

Well, you are in luck as there is a way to play the game earlier than the release date on September 29.

In fact, there are two ways.

How to play FIFA 18 early
If you are an Xbox One player and sign up to EA Access you can get 10 hours of gameplay time from Thursday 21 September – a full week before launch. Similarly, if you are a PC gamer and you sign up for Origin Access you will also be able to play from the 21.

PlayStation 4 players who have pre-ordered the Ronaldo or Icon edition will have to wait until 26 September to access the game, but that’ll still be three days before general release.

The second way is to simply pre-order the game from a store and collect it at midnight.

Smyths Toys in Manchester will be open at midnight if you have pre-ordered it from there. The GAME in the Arndale will also be opening at midnight.

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