FIFA18 graphics Raiders key tactics operation + full mode detailed analysis (20)

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Disk ball

Guarding the ball

The best way to keep the ball, of course, is to use your back to come to you to besiege the players.

To quickly block with the back, you need to hold down the LT key, and then adjust the direction according to the defensive player’s station.

Remember, every time the ball must go away from the defensive player in the direction of running, should not shift towards the direction of defensive players, so easy to be intercepted.

Plus “FIFA18” to strengthen the body collision system, a long time to be defensive player entangled, not a good sign, so the ball will soon pass out.

Bottom down

How much easy to use, just you have a slight contact with the football, you know it’s simple and rude, straightforward, the middle of the form of competition for the ball, in fact, five or five open (especially in real life, non-professional football and Virtual game).

If you are not familiar with football games, you can consider the bottom; if you are familiar with football West, should be considered more under the bottom.

Because it’s change is too wide, and the bottom is not necessarily pass, you can bottom break; bottom, you can also inverted triangle; bottom, you can back to the midfield, and then cross Pass over.

You will be under the end of the pass to practice this skill level, you will find the other side of the restricted area on both sides of the bottom line will become you play each other’s “playground.”

For beginners, the bottom of the pass, is a good choice, you can use the choice of transmission of golf, straight plug ball (inverted triangle) or vigorously low ball as a means of transmission.

For senior players, you can use some fancy skills, or a simple variable line through the defensive player into the restricted area, and then for the next step, is also a very good choice.

Change tangent

It is now the “FIFA18” collision system so violent, in the change to the time, you must pay attention to the ball.

The key to change is that your forward direction is opposite to the forward direction of the defensive player and breaks on the left and right sides of the gap. Change tangent, is dominated by your own, according to the opponent’s tendency to change tangent.

“Change to” the best state, that is, you and the defensive player’s trajectory as two rays, two rays are not the same direction, but parallel to each other, so that people will be crisp.

Of course, not the times are so smooth. If you are in the wing, or obviously feel that the other side has sealed your tang “export” (that is, you to the defensive player on both sides), this time you have to adjust your “export”, choose near your neutral position To change, so that although it can not cause a breakthrough, but at least control the ball down.


Spike is actually a change to the type, to press the X key or B key immediately after the A key to cancel the ball or shot the action to complete the beautiful spike action.

If you choose to gamble skills players spike, their spike action will be very coherent, change the speed with the ordinary tangent is the same, and the action gorgeous smooth.

General high-tech players have two kinds of spike action, one is similar to the cattle tail fancy, the second is C Long Ran degrees (C Ronaldo) the usual heel change line, two sets of movements are easy to create a hit door.

So in the small restricted area, I suggest you use this most simple way as a prelude to hit the door.

Fancy football

On the fancy football teaching, not so much “teaching”, as it is “warning” it.

I play “FIFA” has been a long time, from the muddle of the ball will only pass, to now have several sets of fancy action, although there is a clear fancy control progress, but really do not recommend everyone often With fancy football.

First to do fancy, you have to clear the left joystick and the right rocker operation, and the end of the fancy action, the player’s amateur left rocker and the right rocker angle, to practice to familiar with fancy football is A flashy thing, at least for beginners is such a thing children.

Why it is “flashy”, and now the collision system to strengthen the main reason is to take the picture as an example, AI is the world class (the difficulty of AI will enter some days outside the fairy ball, but not as often as the legend, Do not like the professional difficulty as the ball are not kicked in, wc is the best practice feel the difficulty), this difficulty, the defensive player will continue to approach, try to eat with your body (in fact, now professional defensive Players will do so), this time you do fancy action, the difficulty greatly improved.

I can easily get rid of these AI, no matter how difficult they can not grab the ball, but the problem is that the author is accumulated years of experience, to understand when these AI foot, when pause, if once the face of real players, this Fancy is not a big effect.

Moreover, the fancy action is quite time-consuming, but slow down the pace of attack, I hope that we play in the time, especially in the attack, be sure to play sharp, a “fast” enough.

Practical means of extraordinary, two ax is enough – change, emergency stop, fancy to do more is superfluous. (Click to buy fifa mobile points buy, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

FIFA18 graphics Raiders key tactics operation + full mode detailed analysis (6)

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FUT: (full name “FIFA ultimate team”) FIFA ultimate team within the new model will challenge your club management and team capacity. In the special conditions of the formation of the team, to complete the challenge and in exchange for the reward within the game.

You can complete the challenge on the host and raise the club, or move it to FIFA17 supporting the application to continue to play (now available on Android, IOS and windows phone download).

FUT champions: In the FIFA ultimate team new competition mode for your honor.

In a week to participate in a number of different team restrictions on the tournament, the success of the clearance will be able to win the award and get into the weekend league qualifications.

Participating in the weekend league will allow you to win some of the best rewards in the FIFA ultimate team.

Player card

Tacit: FUT players in the lineup which will be connected to the line.

It is roughly the location of the neighbors will be connected by the line, which means that they will produce a tacit understanding.

This tacit comes from the club where the player is real and the nationality.

If the two reached one, then the connection between the players is yellow, which means that their cooperation is a good understanding; if even the same nationality, then the connection is green, cooperation will reach the peak of the understanding.

Division: Each player has their own position, the player must be on the player card to understand the location of the players clearly, and then arrange their stations.

If it is corresponding to the player card on the station, then the player to the team’s score (strength) will be greatly improved, if it is wrong place, then the score appears to be not high.

Consumable card (management club)

Training card: Unlike the “coaching model” and “player mode”, in the FUT, you are using a training card to improve your player’s skills on non-match days.

To note, the training card is divided into “ordinary player training” and “goalkeeper training” two.

Injury card: injury card can be used for injured players to reduce their recovery time.

Players may be injured in the game, especially when they are extremely tired. Use the injury card to speed up its recovery rate, so that players return to the stadium as soon as possible.

Coach Card: In FUT mode, the coach decides the team’s tactical system.

Coach as a player, as long as the coach and the players of the international, the club’s identity, he will enhance the team’s overall properties.

Contract Card: The player will consume the contract every time he plays.

Players in the team will spend the contract deadline. If the contract expires, then the contract expired players can not play for you to play.

Expired players can not play, but they still exist in your lineup, when you have money to buy contract cards, for them to renew, they can fight for you.

In order to allow the entire team to run smoothly, you should buy more contracts.

It should be noted that the system borrowed players can not renew, when their contract expires, they will permanently leave the team.

Location replacement card: use it to replace the team tactical formation at once.

Style card: so that players learn new football skills, so as to enhance the properties of a player.


In the exchange, you can buy the player card, consumable card, club props card and club card.

Here you are the most important thing is to buy a player card, consumable card.

The exchange purchase card is in the form of an auction, usually the system and the real players to sell these cards.

In general, the player can freely define the starting price and a price, “starting price” is within 1 hour, all players to bid on the card, in the 5-minute auction limit to zero, by the high price of this card brand.

And a price, that is, you do not have to wait for 5 minutes in the past, you can immediately use a price to buy this card.

On the auction offer, a quote than the previous offer higher than 250 tokens, if the auction price at this time and a price consistent, you can no longer offer, and this card is given to a price of the players.

The usual system will only sell consumables cards, clubs, and club cards, because the cards are consumed so much when you see them at the auction, you will find their starting price and one The price is the same.

So you do not need to hurry to buy these cards, usually wait until the time to play less people (Beijing time 10am to 15pm, preferably week), you can use the starting price to buy these consumption cards.

You want to buy black gold, gold, blue gold (collectively “special”) player card, it is more difficult, and finally you are a price “spike” it, after all, the player set the starting price and a price are very close.

“FIFA18” sale soon, the exchange price is generally high, so it is more recommended players to open card package card.

As long as after a month or two, all players have a good card in the hands of this time, the ability to value between 80 to 90 between the special player card, you can basically win with about 20,000 tokens, the ability value of 90 More than the player card, you may spend doubled the price, so do not rush to “market”.

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Edit the club

Editing the team is the overall adjustment to the team, the key is to change the coach and tactics.

In addition you can use the club props card, change the team logo, the arena, jersey and football will change the team’s appearance style, unlock the creation of the team option, you can create your own logo, stadium and jersey These content will not affect the team attributes).


FUT’s tournament is divided into three categories, one single season, the cup, the second is more than the season, the cup, the third is the most difficult and most exciting levy match.

The former is the easiest, the player can own game to earn tokens to buy card package, carry out a only their own FUT game, but earn less tokens, basically able to set up a gold team (gold player card) Has made ends meet.

Is the best experience FUT model, with friends to cooperate, confrontation, but also to challenge other players, earn the amount of coins is also quite rich, a month game may be able to set up a black team.

The hardest part of the latter is that it requires “tickets”, the need for players to use a lot of tokens to buy admission tickets, if defeated, then re-entry need to buy another ticket. But the tournament only need you winning streak 5 games, after the end there will be a lot of rare incentives!

Add content

Star career: tell the truth, this model is in fact in order to encourage players to play more FUT, so that players online experience star, the king of the mileage.

(Ronaldo Nazario), Di A high Mahler Danga (Tiago Manadona), Billy (Bailey), Ronaldinho (Rhone) Dinho). And the ball the most classic legendary players to play together, through the FUT super star story, through their excellent career at different stages.

In the story of the star, to explore the different milestones of different milestones, as well as their unique version of the items at all times.

Champion: In FIFA’s most popular model, select from thousands of players to build your own Ultimate Team. Discover new daily goals, compete for weekly awards in Squad Battles, and watch the world’s best game on Champions Channel!

Team Challenge: This is actually the previous version of the “formation lineup”, but the players will have restrictions on the team, for example, you want to use a specific international, specific league, a specific club players to challenge the task.

Squad Battle: players can challenge the list of the top players here, you can also choose to challenge FIFA game master and other celebrities. (Click to buy fifa mobile fifa points,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

How to play Clash Royale on your PC

How to play Clash Royale on PC , the card game for iOS and Android
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Take a look at the guide and repeat the success of cell phones to play on your computer.

Clash Royale is the free Supercell card strategy game available for iOS and Android . Despite the exclusivity for mobile platforms , a simple ” trick ” can bring the game to the PC to measure the power of their decks in confrontation against other players.
The process is free and can be done using an Android emulator like BlueStacks or Droid4X . You want to play Clash Royale on your computer, but you need some suggestions for the installation process? See the tutorial to play the card game on the PC.

Step 1. To play download clash royale for pc , you will need to install an Android emulator. There are several options, such as BlueStacks, Droid4X and NOX Player , which can be downloaded for free for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux . In this example, we will use the BlueStacks, which will be downloaded by clicking on the button in the upper right corner of the screen;

BlueStacks How to play Clash Royale on your PC
Step 2. After installing the Android emulator on your computer, run the program and enter the details of your Google account to log in. If you do not have an account yet, you can create it for free;

account-google How to play Clash Royale on your PC
Step 3. Click the ” Search ” button in the upper left corner of the screen, and look for Clash Royale . In other emulators, just click on the Google Play icon and search for the name of the game; (Click to buy top up gems clash royale,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

FIFA Mobile Soccer Guide and Tips: Getting Free Coins

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Coins are key in FIFA Mobile Football. The more you have, the better players you can unlock. We explained some tricks to get more.

FIFA Mobile Football is now the flagship of EA Games in terms of mobile games . It is available for iOS and Android and has an unprecedented success, in parallel to FIFA 2017 for PS4 and Xbox One , for example.

It is a particular game, in which you must raise levels and go unlocking new and better players. For that, first you have to make merits, and that in the game translates to completing achievements and winning matches to win more Coins of FIFA Mobile Football.

These coins or FIFA Coins are the common currency of the game, with which you can open on football players, training and improve the players you already have. The more coins, the better your team will be.

There are several tricks to get more free coins in FIFA for mobile , but you can always go directly to the stores and against FIFA Points to take the easy shortcut, those who go through the box and directly buy the success.

Our proposals go in another direction: a guide to squeeze all the possibilities of the application to make you rich without having to drop euros or cheat, only with legal tricks for FIFA Mobile Football.

Do you play in the Metro or the bus? Do not stay thrown and without battery: these are the Power Bank that you can buy on Amazon for less than 10 €
Flee the infinite coin hack in FIFA Mobile Football
There are lots of websites and YouTube channels that offer a hack to have unlimited and free FIFA coins . Do not fall into the temptation to download the game and cheat.

We will not resort to moral and ethical arguments to beg you not to cheat, but to something more earthly: if you cheat in online games, you always end up banned . It will take more or less, depending on the agility of the developer company, but in the end you will be prohibited from playing permanently.

In case this warning was little, we add another one: the malware. The virus is at its best by Android, a mobile operating system in which users do not give so much importance to security threats. These games are modified APK versions of the original, and to know who has modified them and for what purpose.

If you do not want a hacker to take control of your smartphone and read all your messages, it is best that you try to get many coins from FIFA Mobile Football without hack and other tricks that put you in danger.

Become Monchi: buy cheap and sell expensive
The market for this game offers endless opportunities to make money. This is where you have to put on the face of Monchi, sports director of Sevilla FC, and make it hard to buy football players.

Go directly to the market, filter the available players and the sale to see only players with a low-average rating, say from 70 to 80 points. Then it also filters its price, so that you can buy it immediately for a price of between 500 and 1,500 coins.

Here the trick of FIFA Mobile Football is to invest coins in cheap players and then take advantage of the others . Normally there is always someone who ends up paying a little extra for a footballer although this one is not very good.

FIFA Mobile
Your strategy to win coins is to sell the footballer you just bought at a balance price for a little more than it cost you, say 20%. If you signed it for 1,000 coins, put it on sale for 1,200 for immediate sale.

Now sit back and wait for someone, in their desperation to reinforce yourself, to give away 200 free and easy FIFA Mobile coins . Once you have managed to speculate with one player, move on to the next.

As you earn money, you can invest in more expensive players with a greater profit margin, so patience and trouble. It’s a long-term trick, it will not make you millionaire right away but every day you will get a good handful of coins if you are attentive to the market.

These are the considered best 20 games for Android, do you miss any?
Participate in live events
The events included in EA Games for this mobile game allow you to add coins daily . As soon as you start you can access a free and trial version, but then you will have to wait daily to see what is available in the application.

The trick to win many coins with FIFA Mobile Football events is not to participate in many different events, but to take advantage of those that can be played over and over again to infinity. In just a few hours and with much work you can earn a good amount.

Like all other possible ways to get more and better cards from FIFA Mobile, you have to work on it, but it’s worth it.

FIFA Mobile
Start a season
Once you reach level 8, the option to play a season is enabled. It is the fastest way to win coins in FIFA Mobile, although not the easiest . As you level up rivals are better and scratching a draw costs the same life, and that the cash prizes are interesting.

400 coins to tie and 800 to win is a gift that is worth getting. If you are good and you are lucky, chaining several consecutive victories you can plant yourself with a solid economic base, enough to invest in soccer players and then resell them for more money.

Little by little, with these three tricks to get free coins in FIFA Mobile Football you can make a template that competes for everything. Of course, money is not the solution if you have not learned to play along the way.c (Click to buy fifa mobile points buy, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

The new Clash Royale is now available: this is the update that will change everything

clash royale gems
The wait has come to an end. The update of ‘Clash Royale’ is now available and with it probably the biggest change has been the game since its release. New game modes, daily quests and a good face-lift on how the ‘Clash Royale’ day-to-day operation works

As if the jump from a beta phase to a final version was, Supercell has taken good note of everything that players have been claiming during the last year to offer a new version that, as if it were not already, is even more focused on spending as much time as possible in front of the game.

Supercell wants us to play more and better

‘Clash Royale’ already kept in its gut some of the best tricks to keep users that the era of mobile games has given. Not only did you have a huge collection of cards to unlock, it also invited you to enter the application every few hours to unlock chests with which to get more prizes.

The problem is that, at a certain point, the average user could get tired of that grind by entering two or three times a day, unlocking a chest, winning some game to win another, and keeping that vicious circle for months while you were trying climb positions that open the doors to more coffers and the wheel does not stop turning.

The clans, and the need to keep you in the group that nourishes you with special coffers, experience, coins and cards, made the game more accentuated on weekends, but once the Clan Chest was finished , nothing would invite you to keep playing at the same pace the rest of the week.

Clash Royale: Epic Missions

Screenshot 2017 10 10 02 14 21
That comes into play that is probably the most significant change in this update, the missions . Gather mission points by completing goals and get chests and increasingly juicy prizes. Stop playing and you will be missing out on the chance to level up that card that could change your luck at the finish line.

The play, both at the level of design and maintenance of users, is round. The idea is to keep logging in and spend more time in the application, either by gathering crowns at a special event, winning battles or playing with specific cards that will force you to change your usual strategy.

Once the mission is finished , or the casket to which you aspired is passed , another new objective will take its place, thus giving you more reasons to continue playing without having the feeling of being stagnant. If before a chest had four hours to unlock, the only thing that invited you to continue playing was the fun or the intention to climb positions based on getting crowns, but now you have many more things to do, also with other game modes .

The new Touchdown mode

The most stirring has been Touchdown , a twist to the concept of ‘Clash Royale’ in which the towers and the central river give way to a football field. In it, we must get score three points leading our troops to the goal line of the opponent, while avoiding that our opponent is the one that reaches ours.

To say that it is fun is to stay slightly short, and is that the vice that can provoke is hallucinating. When playing in a 2c2 , the rapport with your partner is vital, so you should always go looking for holes that the enemy could leave while trying not to lose sight of the possibility of support to your ally’s troops.

As everything that is used in excess is burned with the same ease, Supercell has decided to leave these type of challenges under a window of time yet to be determined, reason why we are forced to be attentive to when these game modes begin to be able to enjoy them while they are active.

New challenges for new players

Screenshot 2017 10 10 00 43 01
With the arrival of this new challenge, the creators of ‘Clash Royale’ have put into practice another novelty, a daily practice in which we must accumulate 10 crowns to receive different prizes.

The change is that, unlike the other challenges , in these practices there is no room for defeat. No matter how many times we lose, we can continue playing until we get our prize.

The thing has trick because the prizes are not especially juicy, but it is appreciated that they have opened a door more grateful enough with the players who do not dominate the game to 100%. Thinking about them, the normal challenges will be cheaper, require fewer wins and will be available from level 5 .

The round of developments in this aspect ends with the Mirror challenge, a mode yet to be revealed in which the four participants of a 2c2 will have the same deck, thus balancing the balance when facing other players.

In addition, if our partner is the good, at the end of the game we will have the opportunity to talk to him via chat or claim a rematch without the game having to look for match again.

A shop less focused on getting us money

The last big change of ‘Clash Royale’ comes from the store . If we used to have three daily cards available to buy, now the holes go up to six, giving us more options when choosing where we want to spend our precious coins.

Screenshot 2017 10 10 00 43 21
The most curious is that, among them, we will be given the opportunity to purchase a free prize per day, which can be from coffers to bags of coins or gems.

It is not the only offer that will be available, and is that now the cards of the store can be sold separately or in packs, thus obtaining a large number of cards for much more attractive prices than before, and also giving the option to acquire one of those packs with gems of the game.

It will not come cheap, but we are grateful that they have changed a system with which it was practically impossible to improve your short-term mazosa. Now we depend on luck to get the letter we want in the store, but we do not need to be saving weeks to get the one we need.

Not only that, the mythical epic Sundays will also usher in an epic card completely free, which will surely invite novice players to continue dedicating hours to the game despite not having their collection in full.

Clash Royale has come to stay

Supercell’s message with this update is very clear. ‘Clash Royale’ has come to stay, and for this it takes certain sacrifices on the part of his company, being the main one of them that inevitably forces its creators to be less greedy. The user receives more prizes and, as a reward, stays more hooked to the game.

Let ‘Clash Royale’ jump from mobile to other formats. Be on everyone’s lips thanks to their eSport competitions, and let people talk about the game and move their content on social networks with options like sharing our decks. In short, that ‘Clash Royale’ ends up being more than that game you have in your pocket to occupy dead times. Let it end up being the revolution that has been shouting since it hit the market. (Click gameusd to buy wow gold ,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

7.3 version of the Warlock professional hall Agus followers and followers equipment selection recommended

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Recently, the Chamber out of a bunch of Essentials on the 7.3 followers, the configuration in principle to meet the 222 + meat and eggs, but by the Argus task resource consumption and location effects, candidates compared to 7.2.5 changes.

  One is the task of a lot of Argus need to bring a dedicated super soldiers, the two positions can only be a follower of the task, the size of the affinity of the followers of the small and easy to use a lot.

  Second, because Argus super soldiers prices are too high to consider the return of blood, Qi La sister this milk surgery has become a rare resource.

  Three is the design of the Arab-Israeli design is really a problem, too much power to lead the success of the success of the skills to follow the change is no longer possible.

First, the team configuration
  Suggested use: Chira (human female), Qiu Bi card (dead female), Xin Fei children (blood elves female), Zaining (werewolf male), Kalidus (insects), meatballs (gnolls) Resident, twin as comrades in arms.

  1, Leightson’s military pro-once was God technology, now affected by the role of the taskbar position as before, the basic abandoned.

  2, Qi La sister soul stone fed Argus super soldiers basically the same as the 450 resources, the face of a good day two stones to play 7 days is 14 a week 6300 resources … … it is cost-effective.

  3, Qiu Bi card be regarded as the most useful skills inside, 20% of the time plus the hall and equipment can be compressed most of the task to 8 hours.

  4, Xin Fei children must be selected, although the current shrink when the flow but there are still more than 8 hours of the task, Xin Fei children is still useful, the skills of the child is a minions to deal with the minions, another Gemini are basically as a follower The

  5, Zaining is more common, do not look at the size of the soldiers where there is success rate of blood, and Argus soldiers with a stable 5 to 10, in addition, as Lulu Bella generally do not use, need Zening and Chila two A spell to deal with.

  6, Kan Lei Sade, demon transfiguration modeling control may like when the attendant is not so good to deal with the harm but added the spell success rate relative to the other two pain SS is too bad, the basic abandoned.

  7, Kalidus is the SS hall absolute NO.1, to deal with the harm to increase the success rate of harm, 12 career only 5 followers is the case, and its followers skills is the field PVP god technology, and thieves dragon knife, small Germany hypnotized men are the same easy to use, demon SS preferred.

  8, Gemini soldier friendly and nothing to use, but the skills very good when the followers are appropriate, while the devil SS and minions should occasionally be a substitute.

  8, Lulu Bella basically do not, because Chila and Zaining has two spells to deal with, even if it can only be used as a bodyguard, six magic bag is not stable.

Second, follow the equipment
  The current lobby or heap is the mainstream, but the personal feeling no need to be too limited, all with the 950 after the task, the hall task brush speed is not 925 to 950 this stage so fast, do too fast quality will affect the benefits, Too much can not afford, but also not so much useful task refresh.

  1, shrink time

  The first hall, with 20% , Qiu Bika can go to 26.88%, 20 hours of the actual task of 6.72 hours, Qiubi card only need 5.376 hours, but the success rate simply can not guarantee that this configuration is obviously unreasonable.

  The most brains of the formula is clearly a successful rate with a shrink, so that a single follow can be done 56% shrink, 14 hours of the following tasks can be pressed into 8 hours, double followers can reach 39.2% The task can easily press to 7.84 hours.

  And then radical is a two-fold with a success rate, a single follow to 42%, 19 hours of the task can easily press to 8 hours.

  2, the success rate

  Success rate calculation: Leader response can increase the success rate of 65%, skills should not improve, should not be reduced. Argus soldiers should be able to improve the head of 65%, skilled response can be increased by 75%.

  Agus task as long as the soldiers with the corresponding is 140%, theoretically follow as long as the 60% success rate on the line, an 8 hours 50% plus 30% success rate more than enough.

  Non-Agus task 8 hours 50% plus 50% skill response, single follow can do 100%, two followers properly 200%.

  Different followers choose skills to deal with 50% or 30% success rate.

Third, personal recommendations
  1, Chira: 8 hours 50% success rate of 30% shrink when 25% shrink time

  Explained: Qi La sister to consider the efficiency of the task, the harvest of more soul stone is king, the individual recommended a two-time when the success rate of a law, 42% of the task within 19 hours of no problem, Argus task 190% posted a meatball ball, the general task of a single leader to deal with 115% with a soldier or Agus soldiers casually Minato enough … …

  2, Qiu Bi card: 8 hours 50% success rate of 30% shrink when 25% shrink time

  Explanation: 33.6% of the time within 23 hours of the task can be pressed to 8 hours, 19% of the task still need to paste Agus, the general task leader to deal with 115% is also casually Minato rhythm

  3, Simei children: 8 hours + 50% success rate of 8 hours + 40% success rate of 30% success rate

  Explanation: Shakespeare team only to retain the delay followers, single leader response 65 +50 +40 +15 = 170 … … do not need someone else to help, add a little devil can consider the task.

  4, Zaining: 8 hours 50% success rate of 30% success rate of 30% shrink time

  Explanation: 56% of the time within 14 hours of the task can be compressed to 8 hours, Argus task 65 +75 +50 +30 +5 ​​~ 10 = 225 ~ 230,8 hours or more there are 170, single leader to deal with 150 ~ 160 , The guarantee of the success rate of general purpose.

  5, Kalidus: 8 hours 50% success rate skills to deal with 50% success rate of 30% shrink time

  Explanation: 56% of the time within 14 hours of the task can be compressed to 8 hours, Agus task 65 +75 +50 +50 +15 = 255,800 or more success rate of 205, single leader and skills to deal with 180, as long as Skills to deal with Kalidus is invincible.

  6, Gemini: 100 resources 50 resources 50 gold coins orange … …

  Explanation: follow the use of resources to engage in casually engage, how to how to, do not explain.

  7, meat and eggs: 8 hours 50% success rate of 30% shrink when 25% shrink time

  Explanation: the original task of the meat is ass with no, so only by increasing the rate of time to reduce the task to 8 hours, so 42% of the rate of response within 19 hours of the task, Agus task with the soldiers is also 190%, the general task of missing gaps while improving efficiency.

  So a total of six 8-hour 50% success rate, 1 8 hours + 50% success rate, 1 8 hours + 40% success rate, 7 30% shrink time, 3 25% shrink time, 2 A 30% success rate, a hazard response to 50% success rate, hoping not to paste the equipment of the empty lords are a little help. (Click to buy cheap wow gold,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

When the football game appears cola advertising, FIFA series of business cooperation model and then new tactics

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When the football game appears cola advertising, FIFA series of business cooperation model and then new tactics
Compared to the “FIFA 17” “Star Road” for the first time to test the water, “FIFA 18” “Star Road” in the operation of business cooperation is more mature, but the game is still the limitations of the pattern of a big flawed.
2016-2017 season of the European Football League has been fully rolled out. For tens of millions of gamers, the new electronic football season is also officially opened, by the EA Sports (EA Sports) developed virtual football game series FIFA become a fixed annual agreement. The latest work “FIFA 18” continued last year’s exploration, joined the “Star” of the plot mode. Compared to the “FIFA 17” “Star Road” for the first time to test the water, “FIFA 18” “Star Road” in the operation of business cooperation is more mature, but the game is still the limitations of the pattern of a big flawed.

Main sponsorship club

“FIFA 18” plot model full name “Star Road: Hunter return.” The story of “FIFA 17”, the protagonist Alex Hunt after a successful Premiership season, after the new season smug. However, the broker’s erroneous judgment, so that Hunter mistakenly think that Melaka giants Real Madrid intends to invite him to join. Hunter submitted a transfer request to the club, but Real Madrid did not send the invitation. The club finally proposed to put Hunt down the reserve.

▼ MLS is FIFA game one of the league, in order to give partners exposure, “Star Road” mode to “lead” to the main league

Faced with no ball to play the situation, Hunter’s father Harold Hunt threw an olive branch. Harold and Hunter’s mother when the relationship between the rupture, choose to leave the United States, and ultimately join the Los Angeles Galaxy as a scout. In Harold’s strength, Hunter appeared in the US Grand Alliance, and help the Los Angeles Galaxy won the championship. In the big league’s high light performance to make Hunter back to the top European club’s discernment. Hunter winter transfer window at the same time received the Spanish Spanish athletic, Bundesliga Bayern Munich, France Paris Saint-Germain transfer contract. After returning to Europe, Hunter helped the new club win the league and the cup double title.

In the new plot mode, the player in addition to control Hunt, but also the additional operation of the two characters. First of all players to help Hunter’s half-sister sister Jin Hunter in the United States women’s football tournament to lock the stable appearance of the seats, but also to save the late Hunter’s buddies, as Hunter substitutes to join the old club Dong Nepal Williams’s career.

Last year, the sports big business detailed analysis of the “Star Road” model in the commercial cooperation value. The current real-time football game in the acquisition of real football element authorization (real events, real team, real players, real golf course, real shoes, etc.), need to pay higher and higher costs. If the game developers can better through the game platform to promote a variety of football-related brands, then the future cooperation between the two sides will be able to have a more solid foundation.

“FIFA 17” “Star” is mainly to promote the British football, players can choose from 20 Premier League team to start a career, during which the FA Cup will experience this century classic event. “FIFA 18” “Star Way” is to please FIFA in the Premier League outside the cooperation club – FIFA is the Los Angeles Galaxy, Atletico, Bayern and Paris, the sponsor. Real Madrid is FIFA partners, although the players in the “FIFA 18” “Star Road” can not operate the club, but the story always stressed that Hunter is Real Madrid fans, but also to the “Galacticos” to bring rich exposure.

▼ players from the “ultimate team” mode of the three spokesmen, select one as their “Star” partner

Although the focus shifted to England, but “FIFA 18” “Star Road” and did not bridge pumping board, completely ignore the British football. “FIFA 17” inside, Hunter got the Premiership and FA Cup champion, but did not dominate the League Cup. “FIFA 18”, the player successfully saved the Williams career logo, is the summit of the Carling Cup.

Brand cooperation upgrade Jingxian “Adidas cloakroom”

Compared to “FIFA 17”, “FIFA 18” “Star Road” realistic characters “play” is also greatly increased. The most typical is the Los Angeles Galaxy striker Zarders and three “FIFA 18” “ultimate team” model spokesmen Graceman, Muller and Ali. Zarders is walking “face cold heart” line, pre-Hunter does not trust, and later praised the increase. Players return to Europe, the UT spokesperson will choose a partner as their own attack line, once selected, the partner will often interact with Hunter, discuss with the way or training together.

“FIFA 18” cover spokesperson Cristiano Ronaldo appearance frequency is not high, with the “FIFA 17” cover the star of Royce almost. But more than a retired fame and anger, Ribio Ferdinand hosted a talk show, Henry in Hunter went to the United States after its “mentor.”

In addition to Henry (in), even the “NBA Live 18” cover spokesperson Harden has come to “Star Road” mode platform

“Star way” model built a virtual social network, the road users pointing football Jiangshan. Virtual network also has a real role, Hiller and Andy Cole frequently sound. In addition to these football “big man”, FIFA also show “close to the people” side, such as the production of spoof MTV famous video blogger David Vucinic, in the game also have a place. In reality, Vujani also often promote their own experience to play FIFA, “net red” posture for the game platform.

The tournament, the team and the players are the most basic part of football, FIFA is the most natural in this area. While other factors such as shoes and other surrounding elements, it is icing on the cake. “FIFA 18” “Star Road” on the basis of last year, to upgrade the cooperation with Adidas. “FIFA 17” inside, Hunt to more than half of the season to get from the Adidas shoes in the second choice, but “FIFA 18” from the beginning to provide dozens of shoes, T-shirts, sweaters, so that Hunt has its own “cloakroom”. FIFA games and Adidas are FIFA sponsors, both sides in the game level, “pro-plus pro”, “shoes control” who must be particularly keen.

▼ Sports big business success prediction FIFA game will be interactive with the Coca-Cola brand

“FIFA 18” “Star Road” and another FIFA sponsor Coca-Cola also have close cooperation. When Hunter social networking fans increase, Coca-Cola will sign it as a spokesperson, during which there is a hunt film advertising animation. In fact, the sports business has been looking forward to last year, the story model based on the story, there are very rich implant points. So in addition to implanting the surrounding football elements, to ensure the number of authorized, and even can be specifically implanted commercial brand, to advertisers with a game advertising opportunities. The magic is that the sports big business was listed when the implanted viable case was mentioned so that Hunter drank Coca-Cola. Did not expect this pure example of the program, so soon come true.

“Dog blood” story restricts the prospects of commercial promotion

“Star way” mode in addition to cooperation for the brand service, there is a major feature is to promote the game model. “FIFA 17” and “FIFA 18” “Star” are divided into chapters, each through a chapter will be able to win a “ultimate team” mode of the player card. As we all know, FIFA series since the launch of the fantasy lineup to create the “ultimate team”, through the sale of the player card and props card to complete the second income. In the “FIFA 18” “Star Road” when the chapter alternates, the game will lead the player into the UT mode early adopters.

“FIFA 18” “Star Road” also specifically promoted the women’s football model. Women’s football model for the first time in the “FIFA 16”, it runs independently with the men’s soccer model, players can not choose to use the women’s soccer team against the men’s soccer team. Despite the objective, the influence of women’s football unforgettable boys, but as the official organization of global football, FIFA women’s football or have a certain promotion of demand. FIFA women’s football model is currently only friendly and national team cup, the player may be hastily experienced after it will not open again. The “Star” appeared in the women’s football model, be FIFA game response to the official call to attract players experience.

▼ Following the FIFA series, EA Sports’s NBA Live series also joined the women’s model, WNBA first appeared in the video game

FIFA developers EA sports quite a bit to promote the feelings of women’s movement. Like its golf game “PGA Tour” series, from the title point of view is the main US golf men’s tour, but there are also women’s PGA Tour players role. The integrated fighting game “UFC 2” invites the woman days after Ronda Daisy as a cover spokesperson. The basketball game “NBA Live” series in this year’s new work “NBA Live 18” also joined the WNBA model. Although the female sports game market may not be small, but in the sports game to join the female athletes, in terms of social benefits must be affirmed.

From the tournament, the team recommended to the professional athletes “guest”, from the escalating brand exposure to the game mode of painstaking integration, FIFA “Star” continue as last year’s sports business as expected, play “what we can do for the brand exposure “The role of the platform. However, compared to more and more mature business cooperation play, “Star” mode of the game is still flawed.

“Star Road” mode through a relatively simple story, a series of one after another game. This is the sports game “storytelling” classic routines. Story to attract people, the core elements of the “conflict”, see the official appreciation of the whole process of resolving the contradiction. “Star Road” contradictions are the sports industry, “the youngest three” – the lack of competition, injuries and off-court disputes. To say how based on these elements compiled a wonderful story, the author probably can not do anything. I just pointed out the fact that the story of the monotony of the process will affect the enthusiasm of players involved. “Star Road” is currently only out of two stories, freshness is still, but the future of this story if there is no strong burst point, sooner or later will be increasingly tidy taste of the players ignored.

Last year, the author described the “Star” story is “dog blood”, this year’s story is still a similar taste, “FIFA 17” was rendered as a negative role of Hunter’s father, to “FIFA 18” was “washed White”. His “abandon his wife” “alone to the United States”, because of their own remarried wife accident, little daughter no one to take care of. This “big flip” is not surprising, it is not true.

▼ “FIFA 18” “Star” can inherit “FIFA 17” archive, FIFA obviously want to create it as a brand model

In short, advertised “sports football star growth process,” the “Star Road” model, giving the player into the sense of fact is not enough. In particular, this model is likely to damage, “FIFA 18” “Star Road” in the end, a more lakes status of the broker trying to dig Hunter Real Madrid. Only two years of professional experience of the young man, has played four clubs, if the “FIFA 19” “Star Road” to join Real Madrid, that simply sit real “three family slaves” notoriety. FIFA, of course, according to the needs of the partners to write the story, but if the story is outrageous by the players to get rid of, then the wonderful business promotion techniques can not produce the most powerful use. (Click to buy Cheap NBA 2K18 MT, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

NBA 2K18 test for PlayStation 4

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NBA 2K18
Squeaky shoes, plastic mats and two-meter sweaty men plunging into an orange ball – the best basketball game in the world is back …
The NBA 2K series has dominated the genre of basketball games for many years and meanwhile, the series of EA Live is so far advanced that hardly anything else on the market is able to really get on with it. The last offshoot of the series, NBA 2K17 , I have played very much and much. At that time I gave the title a 9/10, although the campaign really did not like me very much. The whole mode had this focus on a narrative, which at no time convincingly staged or felt well. The My Career mode is in NBA 2K18but nevertheless again with the part and I am almost ashamed to say, but 2K and Visual Concepts have really made everything much worse. In addition to the old problems, the campaign of this year’s NBA 2K sufferers still suffers from new, serious problems.

NBA 2K is back! The basketball hit has to prove itself again and again every year. This time, there is even a challenger: NBA Live 18. Is it still possible to climb the basketball throne again?

What’s new? Always the first question that comes to mind all of us in an annual game. NBA fans can be happy that there are so-called “all-time teams”. These are not only compiled like classic classic teams from one year, but are composed of the best players of the franchise over the decades. Also the “MyTeam” mode, comparable to the “FIFA Ultimate Team” has many new features to offer. But the biggest change is the career mode.

From the street to the parquet

In the game mode “MyCareer” you start as the young “DJ”, who in his neighborhood beside the basketball pursues his second passion, the “music”. At a scouting tournament you will be invited by an emissary of an NBA team to practice. From then on, the stone is rolling. You’ll be battling upwards, until you finally play with your team for the championship. On the way there you meet NBA legends and many current stars.

But the whole thing has also a catch: your player is initially much too weak for the NBA. Regular visits to the team training sessions and membership in the Muckibude will help you. The better you become, the more sponsors are interested in DJ. More sponsors means more money, more money faster upgrades for your skills.

NBA 2K18 (2) – image / jpeg
Photo: 2K Sports

The ruble rolls

Through good performances on the floor you also earn credits. Alternatively, you could also buy in-game currency with real Euros. Especially when DJ reaches a certain level, the next level-up becomes a long grind. Evil tongues could speak here of a pay-to-win principle, but it is not so bad in reality.

With the earned in-game currency you can still do more. Because the neighborhood initially mentioned is a kind of online lobby where other players are running around. In this area, which you can freely commit, you can go to the hairdresser, change your clothes or get tattooed. You can visit your agents, or watch the NBA 2KTV on your home couch.

All of these places are linked in your own personal story, so you can go in and out of there all the time. The intersections, dialogues and SMS chats are always interesting and varied. Even after more than 30 hours of play time, it will not get boring.

Strong play structure

But important is the action on the parquet. Here NBA 2K18 once again no nakedness. Like its predecessors, the title is very good. Everything that happens on the court is understandable and encourages to improve its own game.

The good animations also ensure realism. Dribblings, draws or jubilation poses of the players are again very well captured this year. Players like Kevin Durant, LeBron James and Russel Westbrook do not just look like their real role models, they also move like that.

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Graphic tidbits

As already mentioned the stars of the NBA look like their prototypes once again to the smallest detail. Even varicose veins, scars and skin defects are reproduced in the original way. Respect for the many work that is being pinpointed in such seemingly small details. But it is worth it. Because this makes the game with timeouts, team discussions and repetitions almost like a transfer from the television.

As usual, the soundtrack and the soundscapes do their utmost to bring the flair of the NBA to the console. So good, lively commentators like in NBA 2K18, I would like to see in other sporting games.

Complete package

Of course, NBA 2K18 offers much more scope than previously addressed. The usual multiplayer and online modes are, of course, also back with the game. Likewise, the GM mode, by you can slip into the role of a sports director. An interesting perspective!

NBA 2K18 (1) – image / jpeg
Photo: 2K Sports


All in all, NBA 2K18 confirms the achievements of last year and sets with the career mode this year a sign. Rarely has such a mode with a sports game for so long entertained and motivated. Who knows, maybe I even play a second season and become MVP?

For fans of US sports, the title is like every year an absolute compulsory purchase. But even strangers to basketball would be well advised to give the game a chance, because NBA 2K18 shows how sports play goes! (Click to buy Cheap NBA 2K18 MT, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

FIFA 18 / PES 2018: who wins the Virtual Classico?

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Like every year, the lover of the ball is entitled to the adaptations videoludiques of his cherished football on behalf of Konami with PES on one side, and the giant EA Sports and his FIFA on the other. Verdict of this vintage confrontation 2018!
FIFA vs PES … the eternal debate
By the end of 2017, the struggle for the virtual golden balloon thus pits the 2018 vintages of FIFA and PES. If PES was outrageously dominating the debates in the 2000s, the FIFA saga was in danger of being called into question, so Konami’s license is desperately trying to raise its head since the advent of the first consoles next-gen (understand the PS3 and Xbox 360). As every year, we are promised a revolutionary PES and a FIFA more successful than ever … but what is it really?


Even before entering the field, each game offers a different entry in the field and allows to highlight the qualities / weaknesses of its general presentation. Thus, on the side of FIFA 18 , we find a really licked atmosphere, with a very dynamic introduction against background of rivalry Real Madrid / Atletico Madrid. The interface is also very effective and modern and clearly gives desire to delve into the heart of the game.
In Konami, it is rather the reverse that occurs: the general interface seems to be several years behind schedule, with a display too sober, too sad, and ergonomics quite calamitous because leaded by countless micro- loads … Certainly, some will say that this is the essence of the “interface PES”, but let us admit that the latter lags seriously behind the ergonomics of its competitor, which inflicts a heck of a spanking.

In the register of the general interface, no risk will be taken to give a very clear advantage to FIFA 18 against its competitor, who seems to play one (or even two) division underneath. On the interface side, it is FIFA 18 that leads the game … and from far away.
FIFA 2018: 1
PES 2018: 0

Before starting the gameplay section , another point that is usually debated when talking about the FIFA / PES war obviously concerns the graphics. Thus, if the interface of PES 2018 is clearly difficult to see (and to traverse), it is necessary to admit that the game of Konami imposes once on the ground. Indeed, even if, overall, the game retains this graphic leg a little old, just a zoom and / or slow motion to observe all the care given to the faces, but also to the various animations. Clearly, PES 2018 offers faces of an incredible fidelity (for the stars of the ball), but also a panel of animations really very detailed.
On the FIFA side, there is a more successful general atmosphere than at PES 2018, but the faces clearly do not show the same precision. The players are recognizable (for the most part), but we can only wonder about those desperately empty looks, these animations that sometimes seem exaggerated, and we do not escape some bugs of collision rather laughable at times.


In the field, FIFA 18 offers a general atmosphere superior to that of PES 2018, but it must be admitted that the game of Konami, while being more austere, manages to offer players much more precise in terms of modeling, with as a bonus a real care brought to the different animations. Advantage PES 2018 therefore at this level, although the overall atmosphere is better at FIFA 18.
FIFA 2018: 1
PES 2018: 1

Virtual football enthusiasts are well aware of this: what constituted the great strength of FIFA (including its difficult years) is the presence of all official licenses. On the side of Konami, we have long taken advantage of the superiority of gameplay to make us forget the absence of many licenses. Some still remember today the famous names used at the time: Ravoldi, Djerkoff, Zedane, Radolno, Roberto Larcos … In 2017, the imbalance is certainly less marked, but still present. FIFA 18 literally overflows with official licenses while PES 2018 tries to hide its shortcomings.


Thus, PES 2018 can fill some gaps via live updates or patches to install, but we can not help but face the absence of the “real” German and Spanish teams to name but. This is still reflected today by fictitious names and logos … It is also a pity to note a few details like Neymar under the colors of Barça or Dembele in Dortmund in the menus. This is quite a task, and clearly removes some credit to these PES 2018 in terms of realism.

PES 2018

No surprise in terms of content, FIFA literally crushes its competitor once again. The latter tries to hide his deficiencies, despite the presence of the Champions League and some subtleties. For its part, FIFA 18 offers content as dense, literally overflowing with licenses, including the most confidential, not to mention the mode FUT always as incredible. FIFA 18 is (as often at this level) largely in the lead.
FIFA 2018: 2
PES 2018: 1

In his great years, PES could count on a very simulation gameplay to fight a more complete FIFA, but also more arcade. With the challenge of FIFA a few years ago, Konami struggled to impose his PES, with a next-gen turn very poorly negotiated …

With this vintage 2018, PES always proposes a gameplay focused simulation, while retaining this rigidity proper to the saga. The game takes advantage of its animations very worked out to propose a gameplayquite pleasant to play and watch, with the possibility of uncorking violent strikes at 25m, a point much appreciated by fans of the time. The game of passes is also very precise, always with these assassins deep assassins, but we do not escape a few inaccuracies in defense, as well as the mess that will cause more than one …


No question about FIFA 18. The gameplay is fairly close to last year’s, with this simulation approach, which gives pride of place to the passes as well, but also to the many feints and dribbles (sometimes too much for that matter). Visually, the assembly is less rigid than on the side of PES, but this does not mean that avoiding ridiculous bumps. The strikes are also less dry than the competitor and sometimes even seem a little “remote guided” here … There is also a certain weakness in the goalkeepers, so that it is rather easy to shake the nets in this FIFA 18.

PES 2018

“School of gameplay” has always been the founding principle of the PES saga. In 2017, the gameplay is still enjoyable, even if one can only pester in the face of certain situations including the countless messes. Nevertheless, PES makes it possible to take advantage of some offensive phases quite enjoyable, especially for those who appreciate the far shots and the set of passes (as at the time in short). On the FIFA side, we have a gameplayricher, with more possibilities, but it nevertheless translates into situations sometimes totally surreal, not to mention strikes that lack a little fishing. Difficult therefore to decide between the two titles here, although our taste for the strikes at 30m tilts the balance on the side of Konami as far as we are concerned.
FIFA 2018: 3
PES 2018: 2

So ? Rather FIFA or PES this year?
Objectively, it is very difficult to clearly distinguish the new FIFA and PES this year, as they are (again) appealing to the football sensitivity of each. Nonetheless, PES will be able to recognize a marked improvement over last year when FIFA 18 seems to be building on its achievements. We particularly appreciate the quality of the modelings and animations, as well as a gameplay more oriented “grand spectacle”.

For its part, FIFA 18 displays a much more modern and pleasant interface, with the added bonus of an impressively rich content and an atmosphere much more present. The Adventure script mode is very successful, although some will probably never touch it. In short, to each player to choose the virtual simulation that best suits his football sensibility, while keeping in mind that the latter will necessarily include some defects …

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Pre-order FIFA 2018 on PC, PS3, PS4, Switch, Xbox One starting from 49,99 €

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“FIFA is not corrupt”

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Sepp Blatter, that was FIFA. The FIFA, that was Sepp Blatter – but lately it has become quiet, the former president of the football world federation. Blatter left his association the questionable legacy of being a parade example of a thoroughly spoiled sport organization.
Sepp Blatter in conversation with Dietrich Karl Mäurer
At the end of 2015, Sepp Blatter was suspended by the in-house FIFA Ethics Committee – according to the court’s verdict. Blatter had ordered a suspicious payment of two million Swiss francs to Michel Platini, then the head of the European association UEFA. Platini was also suspended. The Sepp Blatters barrier is six years old.
“I’m living, I’m living well, I’m also well,” said Blatter in the German Radio Sport Talk. However, the latter admitted recently had some health problems. Meanwhile he is running again “with his own feet and legs”.

The 81-year-old also announced to publish an autobiography about his life after the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Maybe a film could be created as well.
“Political pressure on the World Cup award”
Speaking of corruption, Blatter vehemently replied: “There is no corruption in FIFA, FIFA is not corrupt.” It was only people in FIFA who now have to face the judges. However, the corruption had expired in the respective confederations.
The Swiss position also related to the possible purchases of the football World Cup to certain countries. “The FIFA World Cup was not bought and the FIFA World Cup was given political pressure, not to say political pressure.”
Blatter pointed to the Garcia report , the former FIFA chef agent, Michael Garcia, who had not been able to win a vote. Blatter said that in the World Cup award in 2022 on Qatar, pressure from the then French President Sarkozy on the then FIFA Vice-President Michel Platini. Platini has proved to be the emirate.
As England and the USA emerged as losers from the World Cup, the US and the FBI would have investigated.
The former FIFA President Sepp Blatter (left) with the ARD correspondent of Switzerland, Dietrich Karl Mäurer. (Germany radio / Dietrich Karl Mäurer)
The former FIFA President Sepp Blatter (left) with the ARD correspondent of Switzerland, Dietrich Karl Mäurer. (Germany radio / Dietrich Karl Mäurer)
“It was played under the belt line”
The Swiss also stressed once again that he had not resigned after his re-election as FIFA president, but had made his mandate available.
Blatter also attacked the media in the German radio and specifically mentioned the German media: “If you are in such a position, you have to deal with such things, but it was then played under the belt line and that is not nice.”
The Walliser also emphasized the fact that when the FIFA Ethics Committee blocked it, it had been established that it was not corruption and no bribery, but only a “careless act.” In this case, however, the last word is not yet spoken.
“Football must not lose its human face”
He currently observes the events surrounding FIFA only from a distance, and continues to pursue football as a game very intensively. “Nowadays very attractive soccer is played, you just have to be careful not to lose your human face.”
This meant, above all, the use of more and more technology in the game, such as the video conversion funnel.
The Swiss also expressed skepticism about the expansion of the World Cup field to 48 teams for World Cup 2026. “32 teams are the best field you can put together.” More teams would not automatically mean more quality.
He also commented on women’s football. Even if he promoted and promoted women’s football, he would never reach the level of men’s football. “Football is a game for men.”
As his greatest merit during his time at the Football World Federation, he called the development aid and the marketing of the game by television and sponsors. “The wedding of football with the television has made the football salonable”.
Statements by our interlocutors reflect their own conceptions. German radio does not adopt statements of its interlocutors in interviews and discussions.
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