FIFA18 graphics Raiders key tactics operation + full mode detailed analysis (6)

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FUT: (full name “FIFA ultimate team”) FIFA ultimate team within the new model will challenge your club management and team capacity. In the special conditions of the formation of the team, to complete the challenge and in exchange for the reward within the game.

You can complete the challenge on the host and raise the club, or move it to FIFA17 supporting the application to continue to play (now available on Android, IOS and windows phone download).

FUT champions: In the FIFA ultimate team new competition mode for your honor.

In a week to participate in a number of different team restrictions on the tournament, the success of the clearance will be able to win the award and get into the weekend league qualifications.

Participating in the weekend league will allow you to win some of the best rewards in the FIFA ultimate team.

Player card

Tacit: FUT players in the lineup which will be connected to the line.

It is roughly the location of the neighbors will be connected by the line, which means that they will produce a tacit understanding.

This tacit comes from the club where the player is real and the nationality.

If the two reached one, then the connection between the players is yellow, which means that their cooperation is a good understanding; if even the same nationality, then the connection is green, cooperation will reach the peak of the understanding.

Division: Each player has their own position, the player must be on the player card to understand the location of the players clearly, and then arrange their stations.

If it is corresponding to the player card on the station, then the player to the team’s score (strength) will be greatly improved, if it is wrong place, then the score appears to be not high.

Consumable card (management club)

Training card: Unlike the “coaching model” and “player mode”, in the FUT, you are using a training card to improve your player’s skills on non-match days.

To note, the training card is divided into “ordinary player training” and “goalkeeper training” two.

Injury card: injury card can be used for injured players to reduce their recovery time.

Players may be injured in the game, especially when they are extremely tired. Use the injury card to speed up its recovery rate, so that players return to the stadium as soon as possible.

Coach Card: In FUT mode, the coach decides the team’s tactical system.

Coach as a player, as long as the coach and the players of the international, the club’s identity, he will enhance the team’s overall properties.

Contract Card: The player will consume the contract every time he plays.

Players in the team will spend the contract deadline. If the contract expires, then the contract expired players can not play for you to play.

Expired players can not play, but they still exist in your lineup, when you have money to buy contract cards, for them to renew, they can fight for you.

In order to allow the entire team to run smoothly, you should buy more contracts.

It should be noted that the system borrowed players can not renew, when their contract expires, they will permanently leave the team.

Location replacement card: use it to replace the team tactical formation at once.

Style card: so that players learn new football skills, so as to enhance the properties of a player.


In the exchange, you can buy the player card, consumable card, club props card and club card.

Here you are the most important thing is to buy a player card, consumable card.

The exchange purchase card is in the form of an auction, usually the system and the real players to sell these cards.

In general, the player can freely define the starting price and a price, “starting price” is within 1 hour, all players to bid on the card, in the 5-minute auction limit to zero, by the high price of this card brand.

And a price, that is, you do not have to wait for 5 minutes in the past, you can immediately use a price to buy this card.

On the auction offer, a quote than the previous offer higher than 250 tokens, if the auction price at this time and a price consistent, you can no longer offer, and this card is given to a price of the players.

The usual system will only sell consumables cards, clubs, and club cards, because the cards are consumed so much when you see them at the auction, you will find their starting price and one The price is the same.

So you do not need to hurry to buy these cards, usually wait until the time to play less people (Beijing time 10am to 15pm, preferably week), you can use the starting price to buy these consumption cards.

You want to buy black gold, gold, blue gold (collectively “special”) player card, it is more difficult, and finally you are a price “spike” it, after all, the player set the starting price and a price are very close.

“FIFA18” sale soon, the exchange price is generally high, so it is more recommended players to open card package card.

As long as after a month or two, all players have a good card in the hands of this time, the ability to value between 80 to 90 between the special player card, you can basically win with about 20,000 tokens, the ability value of 90 More than the player card, you may spend doubled the price, so do not rush to “market”.

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Edit the club

Editing the team is the overall adjustment to the team, the key is to change the coach and tactics.

In addition you can use the club props card, change the team logo, the arena, jersey and football will change the team’s appearance style, unlock the creation of the team option, you can create your own logo, stadium and jersey These content will not affect the team attributes).


FUT’s tournament is divided into three categories, one single season, the cup, the second is more than the season, the cup, the third is the most difficult and most exciting levy match.

The former is the easiest, the player can own game to earn tokens to buy card package, carry out a only their own FUT game, but earn less tokens, basically able to set up a gold team (gold player card) Has made ends meet.

Is the best experience FUT model, with friends to cooperate, confrontation, but also to challenge other players, earn the amount of coins is also quite rich, a month game may be able to set up a black team.

The hardest part of the latter is that it requires “tickets”, the need for players to use a lot of tokens to buy admission tickets, if defeated, then re-entry need to buy another ticket. But the tournament only need you winning streak 5 games, after the end there will be a lot of rare incentives!

Add content

Star career: tell the truth, this model is in fact in order to encourage players to play more FUT, so that players online experience star, the king of the mileage.

(Ronaldo Nazario), Di A high Mahler Danga (Tiago Manadona), Billy (Bailey), Ronaldinho (Rhone) Dinho). And the ball the most classic legendary players to play together, through the FUT super star story, through their excellent career at different stages.

In the story of the star, to explore the different milestones of different milestones, as well as their unique version of the items at all times.

Champion: In FIFA’s most popular model, select from thousands of players to build your own Ultimate Team. Discover new daily goals, compete for weekly awards in Squad Battles, and watch the world’s best game on Champions Channel!

Team Challenge: This is actually the previous version of the “formation lineup”, but the players will have restrictions on the team, for example, you want to use a specific international, specific league, a specific club players to challenge the task.

Squad Battle: players can challenge the list of the top players here, you can also choose to challenge FIFA game master and other celebrities. (Click to buy fifa mobile fifa points,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

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