FIFA18 graphics Raiders key tactics operation + full mode detailed analysis (20)

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Disk ball

Guarding the ball

The best way to keep the ball, of course, is to use your back to come to you to besiege the players.

To quickly block with the back, you need to hold down the LT key, and then adjust the direction according to the defensive player’s station.

Remember, every time the ball must go away from the defensive player in the direction of running, should not shift towards the direction of defensive players, so easy to be intercepted.

Plus “FIFA18” to strengthen the body collision system, a long time to be defensive player entangled, not a good sign, so the ball will soon pass out.

Bottom down

How much easy to use, just you have a slight contact with the football, you know it’s simple and rude, straightforward, the middle of the form of competition for the ball, in fact, five or five open (especially in real life, non-professional football and Virtual game).

If you are not familiar with football games, you can consider the bottom; if you are familiar with football West, should be considered more under the bottom.

Because it’s change is too wide, and the bottom is not necessarily pass, you can bottom break; bottom, you can also inverted triangle; bottom, you can back to the midfield, and then cross Pass over.

You will be under the end of the pass to practice this skill level, you will find the other side of the restricted area on both sides of the bottom line will become you play each other’s “playground.”

For beginners, the bottom of the pass, is a good choice, you can use the choice of transmission of golf, straight plug ball (inverted triangle) or vigorously low ball as a means of transmission.

For senior players, you can use some fancy skills, or a simple variable line through the defensive player into the restricted area, and then for the next step, is also a very good choice.

Change tangent

It is now the “FIFA18” collision system so violent, in the change to the time, you must pay attention to the ball.

The key to change is that your forward direction is opposite to the forward direction of the defensive player and breaks on the left and right sides of the gap. Change tangent, is dominated by your own, according to the opponent’s tendency to change tangent.

“Change to” the best state, that is, you and the defensive player’s trajectory as two rays, two rays are not the same direction, but parallel to each other, so that people will be crisp.

Of course, not the times are so smooth. If you are in the wing, or obviously feel that the other side has sealed your tang “export” (that is, you to the defensive player on both sides), this time you have to adjust your “export”, choose near your neutral position To change, so that although it can not cause a breakthrough, but at least control the ball down.


Spike is actually a change to the type, to press the X key or B key immediately after the A key to cancel the ball or shot the action to complete the beautiful spike action.

If you choose to gamble skills players spike, their spike action will be very coherent, change the speed with the ordinary tangent is the same, and the action gorgeous smooth.

General high-tech players have two kinds of spike action, one is similar to the cattle tail fancy, the second is C Long Ran degrees (C Ronaldo) the usual heel change line, two sets of movements are easy to create a hit door.

So in the small restricted area, I suggest you use this most simple way as a prelude to hit the door.

Fancy football

On the fancy football teaching, not so much “teaching”, as it is “warning” it.

I play “FIFA” has been a long time, from the muddle of the ball will only pass, to now have several sets of fancy action, although there is a clear fancy control progress, but really do not recommend everyone often With fancy football.

First to do fancy, you have to clear the left joystick and the right rocker operation, and the end of the fancy action, the player’s amateur left rocker and the right rocker angle, to practice to familiar with fancy football is A flashy thing, at least for beginners is such a thing children.

Why it is “flashy”, and now the collision system to strengthen the main reason is to take the picture as an example, AI is the world class (the difficulty of AI will enter some days outside the fairy ball, but not as often as the legend, Do not like the professional difficulty as the ball are not kicked in, wc is the best practice feel the difficulty), this difficulty, the defensive player will continue to approach, try to eat with your body (in fact, now professional defensive Players will do so), this time you do fancy action, the difficulty greatly improved.

I can easily get rid of these AI, no matter how difficult they can not grab the ball, but the problem is that the author is accumulated years of experience, to understand when these AI foot, when pause, if once the face of real players, this Fancy is not a big effect.

Moreover, the fancy action is quite time-consuming, but slow down the pace of attack, I hope that we play in the time, especially in the attack, be sure to play sharp, a “fast” enough.

Practical means of extraordinary, two ax is enough – change, emergency stop, fancy to do more is superfluous. (Click to buy fifa mobile points buy, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

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